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Social, Gameplay and Key Bindings not saving

Same problem.

My keybindings save, but none of the my graphic/sound options.
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Same problem, KEYBINDS don't save... No matter what I do, even if I run as admin...

certain keys will save others won't... that's such a fail for a game that has been announced almost 10 years ago...
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So... Interesting thing here. I just did a complete reinstall of Win7 and it seems a couple things are true:

-Video and Sound configurations are stored locally
-Account, Social, Gameplay and Key Bindings configurations are stored remotely

Even after doing a complete format/install of Win7 and Diablo 3, the issue persists. But it doesn't seem to be a problem with my computer, but rather a sync or misconfiguration of my account and they way "the server" stores Key Bindings.

I would like a Blue Response on this if at all possible. Now that search is working I'll keep attempting to seek a resolution (FYI - Skældrig's solution above did not work for me. Same issue regardless of Region selection).
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Still not able to save key bindings under "Master Volume Down" after exiting the game. Please advise. Thank you!

edit: Perhaps this belongs in the Bug Report forum to get some attention? Thank you!
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Did this ever get a fix? In the patch? I've got a topic on it too...key bindings resetting every time game closes out....gets annoying as all get out...
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I'm having the same issues with key bindings resetting every time I log on as well. Hopefully it'll be fixed in this patch.
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Apparently, this is not a "known issue," as it was not patched, nor is it in the list of things known "broken" things in the game.

I guess I could threaten Blizzard with the shaking of my tiny fist, but I'm not certain that will do any good.

What gets people looking at this issue? I'm going to play, and be annoyed... is that the right course of action? Or do I keep responding to this post every hour on the hour until resolution?

Give me some tips, as I, and others, find this lingering, very irritating issue yet persists.
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I had this problem, go into My Doc's > Diablo III > D3Prefs

R-click > Properties

uncheck Read-only.

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You raised hope, as I remember this as an old school fix to some game long past (probably another Blizz game)... alas, the file was not Read-only. Thanks, Tom!
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Was having this issue too, well still am but managed to change some of them at least. So tried resetting everything back to default.

Avoided changing R and the emotes that were assigned to NumPad (Set the emotes that are defaulted to numpad in key 2, I set them in the F1-F10) Haven't tested which one of these is giving me problems yet. But narrowed it down ^.^

Managed to change to keys that I wanted for the action bar skills and potion key. The emotes that were defaulted without set keys I was freely able to set to whatever key I wanted (placed these in numbers 1-8) Exited the game. Signed back on, and they were actually saved! :D
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Nice, Lillianae. Every once in a while when I get tired of getting my tail handed to me in Inferno I go back to this and see if I can configure anything past "Master Volume Down," but end up with nothing.

I see that yet another patch took place and the issue persists.

I just wonder, are people just settling with this issue, or does it not exist for them... I mean, how could it not being that the key bindings are saved remotely. Some of the posts above state fixes, but none have worked. I'd like to think myself a capable person, but this had me rethinking life. Perhaps solving this key bindings issue is my person Inferno level... should I persist? Maybe I can kite the keys into saving? Or do I just stick with only being able to complete ACT I, and leave the rest for another year?

I think on this and realize... I need some cake.
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Just installed Win7 x86... same issue.

Good times.
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Perhaps this is the next recourse:


If you purchased the game, you can get it refunded as long as the receipt shows the purchase date in the last 30 days at the time a refund is requested. If the game was added to your account via the World of Warcraft Annual Pass there's nothing that can be refunded as it was never purchased.

For more information, please contact our Billing Department.

Billing representatives are on hand to take your call between 7am to 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378.

Support Information Administrator
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Some of my key bindings saved when I first started playing. The key bindings I set more recently get reset every time I log out.

The "Master Volume" suggestion helped a little. It saved Force Stand Still and Move, but it did not work for Close All Open Windows or Show Items on Ground (KEY 2).

Well, it almost worked.

I had:
Action Bar Skill 3: MOUSE5
Action Bar Skill 4: MOUSE3

I changed to:
Close All Open Windows: MOUSE5
Show Items on Ground(KEY2): MOUSE3

I logged out and when I logged back in all four keys were shown as bound in the menu, but when I actually used MOUSE5 and MOUSE3 in game my Hero performed Action Bar Skills 3 and 4.
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I just reset all key bindings to default. Then I logged out and back in. All bindings were still default.

Then I rebound all the important keys....logged out and in...all bindings were still there and worked.

Then I tried the same with the emotes and it worked.

Then I restarted the game and lost all my emote key bindings. Tried again with the same results.
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Fix this, please. Thank you!
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This thread still has a long way to 50 pages...

Maybe the fix is to not save key bindings to the server, or peek at your other very popular game and see how they handle key bindings. Thanks!
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Still bugged after this morning's patch.
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As most key bindings threads are slowly dying off, entering the realm of the unanswered, and forum oblivion, I strive to keep this in the front pages.

So, BAM!
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So, one can bind every command individually and save. That is, I went through each key, bound it to "UP", exited, restarted, confirmed, hit the Default button, and bound the next command with "UP" and it save through all commands.

But another interesting things I noticed was that I could only bind a total of 19 keys at a time and have it save. If I do more than that at once, the keys bindings don't save.

If I choose to attempt to reconfigure key bindings after I've already changed the 19 keys, those bindings reset after exiting.

The chat scrolls bindings will not change to anything and will always stay "Page Up" and "Page Down."

What a mess...
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