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Social, Gameplay and Key Bindings not saving

Keep an eye on this thread... it'll get a response, and it will be resolved. In order for that to happen though we need as much input as possible. So please, if you have a key binding issue add your story by clicking "Reply" today!
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Day 24 - still no rescue in sight. I've been given no reason for any attempt for one, just the hope that in the sea of Blue, that someday, someone will happen upon me and all will be well. Here's to hope!

Now to continue my daily regime of skewered crab and captured rain water.
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I'm hoping my next post will be a solution.

For now, I'll enjoy dunking some sandwich cookies into a nice tall glass of cold milk.

Of course, I'll be eating the cookies and drinking the milk, too!
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I'm having the same issue. I'm surprised it hasn't been resolved or even addressed yet. I tried the read-only thing for D3Prefs.txt but mine isn't read-only so that isn't the problem. It's pretty annoying to start a new game and die because your bindings are all wrong.
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Indeed eek. My one key bind that I always have to set is "Re-Whisper."

Every time I get into a fight, I realize I didn't reconfigure the binding, because instead of casting my 4th skill using "R" while standing still (SHIFT), I'm re-whispering someone "REQRWEQRQREWRQWEERQREEWQRQER."
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1. Right click on Diablo 3 icon.
2. Click on "Properties".
3. Go under the "Shortcut" tab, then click "Advanced..."
4. Check the "Run as administrator" box and click "OK"
5. Go under the "Compatibility" tab, then click "Change settings for all users".
6. Check the "Run this program as an administrator" at the bottom.
7. Click "OK", "OK", then start Diablo 3 and answer "Yes" when asked if you want to make changes to your computer.

Now the game will remember all of your key bindings whenever you save them and exit Diablo 3.
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I wish I could say this fixed it, but it does not. Thanks for the recommendation TheDrifter.

The saga continues...
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Well, good news in that it's being looked at. A very interesting bug to say the least.

From my support ticket, YMMV:

Hello again,

I did some digging, and apparently this is a bug that occurs if you try to change more than 27 options. I don't know why that's the magic number, but it is. If you change 27 and save them, any future changes that go over the 27 limit will be lost, all other changes before the 27 limit will be retained. You may be able to rearrange your bindings by hitting the "Reset Game Preferences" option from the launcher, logging in, then logging out again. When you log back in, all your options will be back to defaults, but you can set them back up. As a work-around, try not to make more than 27 changes so all of them will save the way you want. Our QA team is aware of the issue and they are working dilligently to get it resolved as soon as possible.

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Hey all.

We've uncovered an issue that hard caps the number of settings that can be modified in Diablo III. As far as I can tell, we should have it resolved fairly soon. :)
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Thanks Kaltonis! This restores a bit of sanity attempting to resolve the issue on my end, and I'm sure gives hope to those who have posted about key binding issues that it will be resolved.

Appreciate the reply!
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I had the same issue, hope this will be fix soon

Also, i'd like to mention, is it possible to also include the Logitech G keys

I mean if i press G1 on my keyboard, then the F1 key is assign ...or something like since the game takes the G1 key as the default assign key under Windows....

Id like G1 to be G1 ...not an other key...and i don't want to create macro, i just want to assign it to something

Dunno if its Logitech or Blizzard that needs to do something ....i know it worked for World of Warcraft in the past without having to do anything special

Edited by Mefyrx#1826 on 6/10/2012 3:27 PM PDT
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No fix as of Diablo III Patch 1.0.2c - v. Looking forward to binding all my keys custom!
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Still no fix. I should have clarified the definition of both "fairly" and "soon." Perhaps, even "resolved."
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Problem returned with patch 1.0.3.

Now it's worse.. NONE of my key binding settings will stick. Used to be able to have it remember half of them.. now none of them work. Have to reset them all up, after every launch of the game.
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As of 1.0.3 - v., the problem is indeed worse off than it started. I knew the nerfs were coming but I wasn't expecting a key binding nerf...

Worst patch ever! =)
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Maybe when Blizzard said a fix was on its way they really meant after they disregard the problem first.
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There's, sort of, a fix...

If you choose key bindings, then click 'DEFAULTS'.. and only change the few bare essentials you might really need.. then it should work.

Seems there really is some sort of limit on how many changes it will accept. Lame.. but at least I can get my main keys re-bound.
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Is anyone in the world... English forum having this issue? Please post here.

Even if you don't rebind keys, just test it and see if it saves. Thanks!

-Desperate in Seattle
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Still an issue 2 months after release. I has a sad...
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Hey all.

We've uncovered an issue that hard caps the number of settings that can be modified in Diablo III. As far as I can tell, we should have it resolved fairly soon. :)

its now been 1.5 months, and the issue is still not resolved.
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