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Social, Gameplay and Key Bindings not saving

In the support ticket I have going, support has stated:

In the meantime, as you've found, it seems that as long as too many keybindings aren't changed it will save and while we realize that this isn't ideal, we hope to have it fixed soon.

I have been keeping vigilant on this issue as it is quite annoying, but at least they have acknowledged that it is a bug. Trying to get it put into the Known Issues sticky.
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Disheartened to see that the key bindings bug still exists even after Patch 1.0.4 - v. and the 8/22 hotfixes.

Please expedite the fix for this. I can't remember how many days it's been since I've asked for this to be resolve... oh yeah, I can. It's now day 103.
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I am STILL getting this issue.
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It looks like the bug is still on the slate to be fixed, perhaps with the next patch but I can't say for certain. It's not something that can be hotfixed in apparently and will require a client-side patch.
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Thanks for the update, Omrakos.

I don't get to visiting this thread much anymore, but it's nice to see that it's still being recognized as a bug and that, perhaps someday, it will be resolved.
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I had an inclination to play, but then I tested the key bindings issue again and was not surprised. Bleh...
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Brute ,

I checked and it's still an active bug and they're still working on it and it's still slated to be remedied in a future patch.

For the bug I'm checking, you have to be changing quite a lot of keybindings to get it to happen.
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(Thursday, October 11, 2012)
Dear Millionaires,

I have not changed my key bindings since the game was released on day one. On that day I installed Diablo 3, changed my options and key bindings; I have not touched them since. I have never had this problem before, or any other failure to remember options and settings. This morning was the first time I experienced this problem.

I am surprised key bindings can be lost, especially when it is solved simply enough by storing them on the client system; or just have a copy with the ability to restore from. My key mappings are custom because the defaults are nowhere near optimal. It is crucial that they remain where I set them; otherwise I'm liable to log into a screwy checkpoint near demons and have a hardcore character die their last death. Then I’m stuck wondering why Blizzard just screwed me out of a 180 hour character build.

I've read that key bindings are stored remotely by Blizzard. And I would have thought this problem was related to the system java updates that I performed last night. I have no idea why that would have affected a change with game key bindings, even if they were stored locally. In short, get your sh!t together and place a button in the options to make a backup of player settings and/or key bindings to a local file that can be restored from. Now, take some of the millions of dollars you've collected from us and get on this problem.

-Gama Xul

Now (1.5 hours later) I log in and my settings are restored to where I had them before. So, I have deduced that the player hot bar configuration information is on a different server than the game play server. So, there are times when the configuration server is not up or supplying the information to the client. This is a very odd occurrence and it gives me some ideas about how to easily solve the issue. Synchronization and redundancy.
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I fixed my issue hope this helps my issue was caused from my D3pref.txt being Read-only
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still having this issue after the patch

very annoying
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The same issue for me. I've changed only 1 key. Win 7 x32.
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Slow progress, I guess. And thanks, Blues, for replying to this thread. I see the bug made it to the Known Issues thread. Can't wait until it's not there (and fixed!).
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When I check "enable monster power" it does not save. I don't use keybindings but I'm assuming I would have the same problem. Enabling monster power everytime I start the game is frustrating because sometimes I forget to do it.
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Dear Blizzard,

It's day 201...

Tolerantly yours,
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Still an issue and still frustrating.

This does not reflect Blizzard-level quality; I'm sorely disappointed. This is 2012 (though not for long) and bugs of this severity are intolerable, let alone ones that persist for months at a time.
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it's still a problem, encountered it today.
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