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Diablo crashing during gameplay

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I was having the same problem, anywere from 15-60 mins of play I would get the black screen and have to restart. My Gpu runs around 60c so it is not a heat issue. The things I changed that seem to have worked for me are, turning windows areo off (going to desktop settings and setting them to performance), I also updated my video card driver to the 301.42, and I also installed directx 11 (I was running 10 before), and last I changed the fps in the diablo video settings to not have any limits. After I changed those I was able to play for 5 hours straight with no issues and have still not had any issues for the past few days. Hope this helps for some people.

Windows 7 prof 64 bit
Amd quad core 3.2
4 gigs ddr2 ram
nvidia gts250
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You, sir, are amazing! Brilliance! ^^;!! Nurburgring's theory worked perfectly. I was crashing every 10-20 mins starting yesterday in particular. I turned down fan speed manually to 90% Run Vsync, and also set my Max Foreground in the D3 options to 55, from 150. I haven't crashed for almost 24 hours now, so I will assume this is the way to do it if you're crashing guys! :)

If you guys don't know where to look to configure the fan speed option, look for the Catalyst Control Center on your computer's Display features. It's in the Advanced Settings. I really don't know much about computers or if every newer computer has the CCC, but if you do, this really works! Props to Nurburgring again! You saved me from almost quitting D3 due to technical difficulties! :D
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Same Problem here...sigh :(
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Same problem... I play and anywhere between 15 mins and 2hrs of gameplay my game will freeze. I have to CRTL ALT DLT, go to task manager and end the process for the application (which is not responding). The application closes, but the process keeps running. So to play again I have torestart my computer first.

I reinstalled the game and lowered my graphics, but no luck. The issues persists.
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I'm am having the same issue ^
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My game repeatedly freezes at random. After about a minute windows 7 x64 crashes. I can't predict when this is going to happen so playing hardcore is scaring the !@#$ out of me. This is going to BLOW if I freeze log back in and find my character dead... FIX THIS PLEASE ? thanks...
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