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Dual wield or 1h + shield.

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I'm a 52 monk with ~17k hp and ~2k dps. I was using two weapons: A ~250 dmg 1h axe (+145 poison damage) and a ~190 dmg 1h rare sword with great stats. I swapped the sword for a rare shield with comparable stats, and my dps dropped maybe 20 pts. I gained a ton of armor, though... and seem to take a few more hits.

Kind of makes zero sense, but the same happened with my barb buddy when he swapped to shield/1h.

Anyone know why this is?
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Because the shield = armor and a weapon doesn't? Its kind of obvious why your armor went up and you could take more hits. Your dps should go down though.
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Sheld.. dual weild isnt much better... me and a friend are both 44 in act 3 nm... we are using sheild.. u must have the df and life
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It might be the stats on the weap/shield that do it. Lmk if you get the info because I was doing the same thing but went back to shield.
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2 hand you get more AS i think , but i rather use a shield.
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Isn't this because although you have two swords and therefore two sets of damage stats, you're only ever using one at a time, so your DPS stats are an average of the two swords, not both combined....
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dw never adds all that much dps. My weapons are pretty evenly matched, and when I remove offhand it only drops dps by about 300. If my OH was super gimp compared to MH I bet it'd be much less.
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Im still in normal. I use dual wield..I am guessing I wont last long in nm? I have alot of leech
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shield ? seriously for a monk ? with all the dmg reduction and dodge ?

go dualwield weps or 2 h wep :D
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The reason your DPS didn't drop much is b/c your OH weapon has a lot less dps. If both weapons were at 250 you would see a much bigger drop. It works something like you attack with each weapon one at a time and your offhand does 15% less damage. This will up your DPS if your weapons are comparable because you'll attack faster. But if you offhand is much weaker, your DPS may actually go down since you not attacking with your main hand as much as you would if you were single wielding. I.e.(not exact math) Say you have 10 DPS MH and 1 DPS OH, your DPS might drop down to 5 since your wasting attacks with your OH. In this case 1h + Shield would do 10 DPS and be stronger then the DW.
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All the complicated math aside, there are points in the game where in my opinion you are forced to wear a shield to play effectively. Just reached lvl 60, when you startup Inferno the survivability is so noticeable with 500-1000 more or less armor... and a good single hand weapon is rare at that lvl let alone 2
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