Diablo® III

Haunt for bosses

Feel like no one is discussing this skill. I personally think that it is great for hit and running bosses with ease due to the long range and ability to basically cast on the move. I generally pop on the life-leech in case I sustain a little damage and can hit and run till the sun rises without worry of death. Just throw in some OP bats and some SH if they pop adds on you

Though this is probably more useful when solo-ing, I generally always swap on haunt before a boss fight and pretty much used haunt alone to kill diablo while I ran in circles around him lol. Though yeah outside of boss fights I don't find it as useful.

On a side-note, I do feel like where I am in the game(midway through nightmare) I don't do much beyond splinter dart and dire bats for regular mobs which is depressing. I forced myself to play with the other primary/secondaries but have found that they are sorely lacking in relative DPS... Bats have plenty of aoe and splinters clear stragglers if they were outside the path of your bats. If enemies survive a mana bar of bat spam + spirit walk mana regen you need better gear. Wish I found more appeal in the other skills.
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the problem with haunt is that its simply too slow. for regular leveling, u can kill most packs with your other abilities before haunt can finish 1 enemy. all that haunt is really good for is picking off stragglers and u can do that with other skills

for bosses, the haunt + run around in circles builds do work, but they're slow. bosses are not designed to be haunted down lol. its fine to use if you're having trouble but its not really what id call fun
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Right totally agree that haunt is pretty useless on normal mobs mainly due to the fact that things die before the DoT makes a difference.

I feel like I may have made it sound like I sit there haunt then run around only. When in fact, I actually do use whatever nukes between haunts. But with life leech and haunts hit and run ability, having it on bosses every 8 seconds keeps you up on health and the full dmg ticks making it more cost effective than most your other skills, of course if the boss is already haunted, opt for other direct dmging skills.
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