been running this spec at level 20-27 right now
i can solo packs of elites and a ton of reg while running with my buddy when hes in town selling stuff

use a gargantuan to tank

I usually start with an acid cloud

then run in and soul harvest to get 5 stacks

spirit walk and run to a good distance and spam dire bats until my mana is low and maybe drop and other acid cloud then spam firebombs while my mana regenerates

I cant tell you how many times spirit walk has saved my life especially when u need to get close to soul harvest and elites that can wall you in and snare you its a must for any wd spec

you could also replace acid could with grasp for a slow effect but acid does so much dmg for me i kill the pack before i really need to use the slow anyway!YX!.aaZaa

this is the spec i use right now i would change some things but i am limited by my level 27 right now
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