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Anything special about Mighty weapons?

Or is it just to show that they're Barbarian only?

I've found one and two handed mighty weapons. And just now found one listed as a "super mighty" weapon.

Is there anything that makes them special over a normal weapon of the same stats?

If there's an axe and a mighty weapon (also seems to be an axe) that's the same stats for damage and attack speed, does the Barbarian get any bonus from having the mighty weapon on?
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I believe this is just to signify the items as being barbarian only.
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Weapon mastery for the Barbarian impacts mighty weapons. That's as far as I've seen, but I'm only level 20. I'd imagine there is an armor benefit too.
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Weapon mastery passive, for the barb.

And it makes Mighty weapons useless IMO.

Swords, axes, maces, daggers, polearms and spears get bonuses like critical hit chance, attack speed, and attack damage. 10-15% respectively. Useful.

Mighty weapons get bonus... wait for it... 3 fury. Useless, in my humble opinion.

Edit* Which is unfortunate, because they look badass.
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Mighty weapons tend to have barbarian benefits. +maximum fury, more fury on hit, boosts to various barbarian skills.

Plus with one of their passives they get bonus fury for every hit. in other words, a barbarian with whirlwind and 2 mighty weapons in his hands will be able to whirlwind for a very, very long time, whether whirlwind is runed or not.

Plus they're huge and menacing looking, not to mention the damage on the 2 handed ones is pretty outragous if you can find one.
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i just equipped mighty weapon. it given me 7k hp. and it says +188 vitality. so i guess that's mighty upgrade :) its lvl 56 weapon btw
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