I am playing a Level 54 Hardcore Witch Doctor... still alive, thankfully.

Two skills I want to talk about.

1. Zombie Dogs

So, so, soooooooooo bad. They get one shotted by normal mobs in Hell. How is this skill even remoteful useful? And it's even more frustrating knowing that a lot of runes and passives are designed to enhance them.

2. Soul Harvest

Way too good. I threw on a dual wielded bow and started using Soul Harvest in Nightmare. We went from having trouble to me three shotting everything. I had 2,000 DPS at level 30. This skill needs to be tweaked / weakened a bit, and our other skills need a little buff.

Also I find our healing options really limited. I use spirit walk with the health recovery and hex with the heal. I tried using haunt but having to spam it on monsters for a paltry 100 health/second isn't worth it as there are more important things to be doing. Would be nice if we had a less gimicky way to heal than Sacrifice with zombie dogs.