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gave up on wizard, cant kill anything

Belial (on normal) is kind of, to be blunt, an idiot test. It's like that boss in Naxx from WOW. You have to keep moving out of the green circles and you won't get hit.

Doesn't even matter what your spells are, it's totally avoidable damage from movement. You could whittle him down with your wand if you had to.
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my wizard was the powerhouse of the group from day one. I always kept my dps maxed, up til about 20, then i started piling into health and armor. at 33 my health is 3300, armor 1200, dps 600 (rounding)

for survivability i have kept energy armor up since the moment i got it. it made a world of difference.
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Belial wasn't bad for me at all, only died a couple times. I used Arcane orb (second rune), magic missiles (second rune) as my 2 main attacks. The main thing for me came down to when the big onslaught of explosions happens. Save diamond skin for that as someone mentioned earlier, and as you are running to avoid them, once diamond skin has worn off, blink was extremely helpful to warp to the other side to safety.
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How can you give up dude? I actually think the Wizard is too much of a beast. I do 1.5k at level 35 and I !@#* everything in nightmare.

You need to have a nice mix of intelligence and weapon dps. Your overall dps affects how much damage your spells do so the higher you get your dps the more beast you are. It's not all about intelligence because it's just a multiplier for your weapon's dps.

Actually here's a video of me soloing the Act III Final boss if you wanna see it (might contain spoilers) but I beat him in 20 seconds my first time fighting him. Do what I said above and you could be like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr8CNnmxYs4
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I used to be squishy, until I started using gear that was all +VIT and +INT. Now I can basically tank through NM so far. I have close to 5k health and around 500 DPS. I can't kill very quickly, but I can stay alive to finish the job.
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For my first Bel' kill my party had to make some specific skill changes to get through.

The damage he puts out is almost entirely avoidable, that being said, the games a few days old any not everyone is super elite yet, so if you occasionally get hit by things, consider that in your build.

Bel', so far, has been the only thing ive killed where I switched to using diamond armor. During the 'run around avoiding death' phase, you can easily survive a mistaken step by blowing your CD. What you lose to get that added survivability, doesn't actually help in the fight otherwise.

Also, if you find you spend all your time running around dodging damage, pick up a pet or two. I was high enough level to cast hydra and familiar by the time I faced Bel, keep your pets up, your feet out of bad, pop a few armors, and he goes down soon enough :P
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Wizard is somewhat broken if you compare it to monk. Some of the wizards skills are completely broken, especially energy twister.
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Solo'ed Belial in two tries. Low 20s.

Specced into Familiar, Hydra, Diamond Skin, Arcane Orb, Electricute, and Magic Weapon. Forgot the passives I had on.

Move out of the green circles, keep your Hydra up, fire off Orb when you have a chance to stand still for a few seconds (which isn't hard, you don't have to be constantly moving).

Use a companion and make sure you have up to date potions. My buddy was using minor potions through Act 3 Normal, hilarious b/c he wondered why he kept dying when no one else would.
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05/18/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Shimond
Belial (on normal) is kind of, to be blunt, an idiot test. It's like that boss in Naxx from WOW. You have to keep moving out of the green circles and you won't get hit.

Haha, this is EXACTLY what I thought when I first fought him. It's like I'm doing the Heigan dance all over again :P
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wait a second guys don't feed this thread.

it's BELIAL.

all you have to do is spot the telegraphed hits and move away from them.
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At level 24 I easily had around 1k damage. I was sitting at like 2.3kish once I was around 33. If you're not having trouble with the boss mechanics all you need is gear updates.
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A wizard was the first and currently only class to solo inferno diablo.
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Since when post above me?
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Whats your difficulty my friend I played through normal with very little deaths and im running through nightmare, haven't had much of a problem i'm about level 33 with near 500-600 points of Int. When ever I ran into trouble with killing I usually just whipped out a Follower (Templar he has heals!!!). Also using Diamond Skin as a means to deal burst damage and running away from the boss once the Duration is up (or seconds away from wearing off) worked on a ot of bosses for me.

Also Energy Armor is your friend my Armor goes up by roughly 20% while active, giving me a grand total of 40% Physical Damage Reduction, along with 20% from Blur and 40% from the Teleport Rune. Also for Damage/Escape purposes, I recommend Wave Of Force, Impactful Wave Rune.

this was the build I was running with

this is the build i'm going to try out

Note that these builds are intended for Melee Combat and will require quick reaction times to activate certain moves if you don't pay attention to your current buffs, I've had plenty of moments where I didn't pay attention to my actives and I ran in just as they all dropped and got 1 shot by the attack of every mob at once.

Also the only times that I ever really died in Diablo is when I don't pay attention, or when I get a bit of lag, I urge you to check my builds to see the type of spells you can use to survive as it seems like you maybe lacking that because I never had a trouble with Bel, he dropped like a fly before me.
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05/18/2012 01:32 AMPosted by Ashwalker
i literally spent over 2 hours trying to kill belial to the point where i was broken and had no money. after struggling to make it through act 2 as a whole, i just gave up. wizards are just far too squishy. My guy was lv 24 with over 200 int but only 140dps or so so i cant do any dmg and i get killed in 2 hits. not sure where i messed up but i'ma just roll something else until blizzard beefs up the survivability of wizards.
I beat him on my first try, found him really easy actually. Take Diamond skin, that is seriously the best skill the wizard has.
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I was able to solo this big bad on normal with my wizard. (Don't laugh I haven't beaten all four acts yet). While using chain electrocute and disintegrate with the occasional meteor strikes. I might be as fast as some of the other wizards but I didn't die during the battle.
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