Diablo® III

[Bug] Auction House Item Details Offscreen

It is possible for item details to be displayed outside the visible screen space when hovering over an item at the lower positions of the list.

I encountered this at a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels (I did not check other resolutions).

screenshot to illustrate the problem (color reduced by me to save bandwidth):

Set the game resolution to 1920x1200 pixels fullscreen.
Do a search for items in the auction house until you get a list of results which spans several pages, preferably searching for items with lots of different magic properties.
Hover over the items in the lower positions of the pages and sooner or later you will encounter items where some of the details are cut off because of the item detail box not being within the screen bounds.

additional related feature request
While searching for equipment for a specific character (top left dropdown box) it would be nice if upon hovering over an item in the auctions an additional item detail box would be displayed for the item currently equipped by that character (like it is done when hovering over an inventory item inside the game itself).
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Can't reproduce this on 1440 resolution.
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I can't reproduce this anymore either so it seems it has already been fixed (and now it also displays the item details for the equipped items alongside the auction item which is great).

This thread may be closed now and thanks for fixing this so quickly!
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Bug continues.
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Yes, I also just encountered this bug a second time and the equipped item detail box for the selected character is also gone again.


(playing on region Europe)
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The bug seems to appear/vanish quite randomly and it seems impossible to replicate it reliably but I feel it happens more often in the first few seconds after entering the auction house.

Most times it seems to happen on the "Recommended Items" search which is performed automatically upon entering the auction house for the first time after login.

Other times it seems to happen more frequently if you switch around between different characters a lot when performing character specific searches and/or when switching around the selected character inventory on the "Sell" tab (though, that could be completely unrelated due to the seemingly random nature of this bug).

Maybe the client somehow loses the "selected character" information sometimes, so it's unable to show the equipped item detail box?

Or maybe the "selected character" information is sometimes simply not initialized when entering the auction house?

(...another idea... it could just be related to network lag and information not being transferred reliably between client and server)
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