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Display Driver Crashing ATI5850

90 Blood Elf Mage
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Been trying everything, Different Drivers, Different settings, Same issue...

every few minutes the display driver crashes and recovers, making the game unplayable.

never had this issue before and still do not playing any other game, even the beta of diablo3
did not have this issue.

My system is well over spec and I am just curious if anyone out there has had this issue
or may have even found a fix.

Windows 7 - 64bit
ATI5850 Mobility 1g VRAM
currently running the hp release for the display driver because it seems a bit more stable,
but still crashes
have tried 12.4, 12.4a, and 12.3, being generic drivers these seem even less syable with more frequent crashes
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Posts: 2
anyone else see having issues with the ATI 5xxx series???
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90 Worgen Rogue
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hp envy 17
win7 64
same issue. and diablo3 is the only game having this damn problem.
blizzard didn't offer any useful solution for this. many other guys have the same problem, and some one claim they have fixed this problem with many steps. I haven't try because I hope blizzard or amd can offer a convenient way to get rid of it. but if you want to try, you can search for the topic on the forum.
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Same issue, hd5850. Since installing the 12.4 catalyst fix from the amd website the problem isn't solved but all of a sudden the game keeps crashing with intervals of 5-10 secs when I'm in the menu.. and in-game it happens less frequently atm.
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I have exact same HP 17 machine with the same ATI Mobility 5850 GPU. And I am having the exact same problem (sorry to say).

I have tried everything aside from rebuilding the entire machine. Even the new Catalyst 12.6a Beta Drivers don't change anything. Very frustrating. Turned down all the settings, limited to 50 FPS, tweaked any settings I can think of. Does not matter if the machine is Hot or Cold as well.

Seems to crash the most when my toon is Underground and there are a lot of Fire and/or Water effects. That is the the only pattern I seem to notice. So I am farming above ground at the moment, and only venture below to progress the storyline as much as I can between crashes.

For your guide, I find adjusting the brightness down and then up is the quickest way to recover after the GPU has reloaded the objects in the game post a crash and re-set. That way you don't have to exit as much.

Anyway. Lots of corpse runs.
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90 Night Elf Druid
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I also have an HP Envy 17t-1100 and I game *heavily* but ONLY Diablo 3 released version has this problem. I have updated all my drivers, my BIOS, turned down all possible graphics settings, everything. This does not happen on any other game I play. It is absolutely a problem with this graphics card and Diablo 3 released version.

Blizzard - your game should work on a newly released computer with updated software. It is just plain unprofessional to take our money for a product that does not work. We waited 3 years for this game and this is a terrible disappointment.
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same issue here - ati mobility radeon HD 5850 on an envy 17.

blizz support has so far been unhelpful
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check this issue out guys, may be a possible solution

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HP Envy 17 3D

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850

GPU Spikes 100% and causes freezes then blackscreens. Almost unplayable.
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check this issue out guys, may be a possible solution


did anyone find this useful?
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has anyone been able to fix this issue yet?
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