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Duel Shurikens?? I love them

I absolutely love spamming my dual shuriken's.....they are 101% damage a piece x 2 which is 202% damage and they fire fast and cover a nice area. I find them better than lightning ball yet I don't see anyone ever discuss them?
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I really like them too, but I really doubt their usefulness in higher difficultys when soloing. They are really useful as croudcontroll when playing with a tankbarb in co-op though.
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good in normal, not so good in nightmare, completely useless in hell.
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what do you use in place of them?
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85 Worgen Rogue
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Impale for single target.

Between runed caltrops, multishot and bolashot, I've more than enough AoE as it is. Imaple is great for bosses or dropping a single target mob off in the corner, or even a priority in a pack.
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thats the point chakram is way better than multishot :P
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Twin Chakras was my go to mob clearing skill in normal, but once you get Multi!@#$/Elemental Arrow (Frost Arrow), you won't go back. Plus I find twin chakrams very ineffective in NM and Hell
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85 Orc Hunter
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I always found the doubles looped around my target and I had to reposition. I went with the spiral one for a bit but it just didn't do enough. I redid my talents and noticed a great increase in dmg and survivability. At lvl 45, I've settled on the following instead (using elective so I can action key multiple abilities in each section). It may change as I lvl higher and more abilities become available.

Bola Shot (switch b/w Volatile and Thunderball)
Elemental Arrow (Ball Lightning)

Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog)
Preparation (Battle Scars)
Shadow Power (Blood Moon)
Reign of Vengeance (Beastly Bombs)

Archery (with bow), Perfectionist, (Tactical Advantage or Vengeance)
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