NOTICE: I do know the ASIA server is different then NA server, but the problem is -- there is no one can get any feedback from ASIA server manager. we hope this issue could be fix ASAP and get any feedback, that's why I'm address this issue here and hope can receive your response really fast.

5/19 20:00 (GST+8) , all the Taiwan D3 player encounter endless error 37 problem during log in ,
I've spend 2hours just try to log in the D3 ASIA server.
after successful log in the server and see my char, I try to open a new game.
and spend another 2 hours and seems I can never open a new game until end of world.

meanwhile, my friend try to connect via an Korea VPN.
he just use 5 minutes and he is start playing his Hell game and try to defeat the Diablo again.

I don't know why, but when I also using an Korea VPN.
another 5 minutes, my Diablo is there and say Hi to me.

about 200+ Taiwanese aware this problem and successful start their own Diablo game via connect through an Korea VPN.

I hope this is just a unintentionally bug.
And really hope some BZ US guys can aware this problem and do something to fix this problem.

Issue title: [ASIA] Taiwan IP will need take more time to stay in game start waiting queue(compare with Korea IP)

Description ,
with the same compute (my computer), directly connect to ASIA server will take more times to log in the server, and cannot create a new game.
issue not happen when connect to ASIA server via Korea VPN.

Reproduce steps,
1. using to confirm the IP address is belong to Taiwan.
2. start log in game server , it's take 2 hours and receive 240+ times error 37 <--problem
3. after log in , try to open a new game and even the waiting queue counter is 0, a new game will not start(wait for 2 hours and game didn't start), notice there is no any error message ever pop up <-- problem
4. close Diablo 3 problem and connect to an Korea VPN
5. using to confirm the IP address is belong to Korea.
6. start log in game server, it's take less than 5 minute and you only saw 2 times error 37
7. after log in , try to open a new game and you might saw once or twice Error 24100 and finally a new game can be easily create in less than 5 minutes.
8. leave the game and create another game.
9. still can create a new game in 5 minutes. (repeat item 8 for 5 times)

A TAIWAN player