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Magic find, how does it work?

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Logic tells me that with 74 base magic find, I should be getting blues left and right, but nope. Even with a Fortune Shrine, I get rivers of worthless whites that aren't even worth vendoring.

Unless somehow I managed to get that 1% chance seven times in a row, something's up... What exactly are the mechanics behind magic-find?
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You know there is a difference between a 99% increase in your chance to find a magic item and a 99% chance to find a magic item. If you can't figure it out you should spend more time in school and less worrying about video games. Even awesome ones.
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if a monster of chest has a 1% chance of dropping a blue, then 100% mf would give a 2% chance, its monster dependant

oh I mean go to school, play outside, why do you even play videogames?
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I'm assuming that the magic find values are my chance of a white item being upgraded to a blue. The problem isn't that I think I should be getting loads of magic items from every drop, it's that I'm getting loads of white items that aren't magical. The way Magic Find is described in-game makes me think that, if I kill, say, a spider, and said spider drops an axe, with 99% magic find, there is only a 1% chance that that axe will not be magical.

Or are the tooltips lying to me, and if said spider has a 1% chance for that axe to be magical with 0 magic find, and I have "100% chance to find magic items" that 1% chance for a magical axe will only be 2%?
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The term "Magic Find" isn't entirely accurate. So yes, it could be perceived as lying to you.

If you have 100% magic find, and the mobs chance to drop a magical item is 1%, then yes, your chances would be 2%.
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