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How do i get my money back

So i am on a mac book pro with a GeForce 9400M video card. i like most of you other mac users have not been able to enjoy diablo 3 past act 2 without experiencing extreme lag 8-12 fps. monster packs are killin me before my first attack can even pop. i didn't wait years to play a game that i can even enjoy for 5 minutes. if blizzard won't tell us what the problem is mac users should at least be able to get a time frame on this being fixed, if not. i want my money back. honestly if i didn't want to play diablo 3 SOO BAD id have already returned it. thanks for making a game i can't play blizzard i !@#$en love you too with all my broken heart. /tinyrant
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Blizzard knows what the problem is - NVidia has not updated the 9400m drivers for Mac in the same way they did for PC, so it's the video card that's causing the problem.

If you have bootcamp, you can install Diablo on your Windows partition and get increased performance.

Blizzard has said they are aware of the issue and are working on it. The game has been out for less than a week, cut them some slack.

For those with 9400 or the 320, we are very aware that it is not playable in a lot of zones. We will optimize the game to change this.

We just need some time, I hope you understand that we can't release a patch with such a change very quickly. We do not want to introduce a bigger problem.
- https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4903180328?page=8#153
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Yes, only a week has passed, but it's been in development for 12 years.
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The Mac Development team should have been larger (as is it's said to be very small). The problem is also that games are apparently difficult to code well for Macs. Nvidia should also update the graphics card drivers for Mac OS.

The issue has been formally recognized and even a member of the Mac Dev team has commented here. He say's there will be an informational update within/in a week (do not expect a fix in a week).

If you purchased the game on Blizzard's site digitally, you can contact the Billing Department. If you bought a physical copy at a store, chances are you cannot refund it. However, I recommend you hold on to your game because the problem is very likely to be fixed at some point in the near future. When it is, you'll most likely then want to buy it again. Additionally, you would probably lose any characters you've made. If you don't mind this or the hassle of dealing with the Billing Department, go ahead and get your money back.
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