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Unfair Treatment between Taiwan & Korea IP

Dear Blizzard

I'm from Taiwan. There's an unfair thing about Taiwan IP used in Asia sever. In Taiwan, we

have to wait for 4~5 hours or even 1 day to play Diablo 3, and we even don't know whether

the connection will be interrupted or not. Therefore, one tested the IP differences between

Taiwan and Korea (ps.Asia sever is set in South Korea). He found out that the

character,set up with Korea IP, can create a game room just in seconds, but the other

character, set up with Taiwan IP, is totally different.
The film's here:
the test start at 1:21
Besides, it has been tested for many times, and this film, above mentioned, is

just one of those tests. Although, on the beginning, Blizzard in Taiwan company stated that

"NO ONE IS LIMITED". However, according to once announcement from Blizzard in Taiwan

company, they indirectly confirmed that "we limit the amount of Taiwan players to create

a game room
". That announcement, of course, was soon revised, and the letters,

Taiwan, were deleted. Although the announcement was soon revised, someone took

the photo before that revising.
Photo's here:
The highlight part in Traditional Chinese
The highlight part in English
"Therefore, in the system, we limit the amount of Taiwan players to create a game room."
Your company in South Korea limit our IP (amount of players) to play the game in Asia

sever, but they don't limit IP in Korea Area. Korean can "continue the quest" in seconds or

few minutes, but Taiwanese have to wait for 4~5 hours or even a day. We even don't know

whether the connection will be interrupted or not. It's totally unfair, isn't it? We would say

that we all paid NTD.1499 or NTD.2999 to buy your product (Diablo 3), and we all are legit

players in Taiwan area. Hence, you don't have any reason to limit any legit player in

any area. Although the norm of this forum mentioned "Harassing or discriminatory

language. This will not be tolerated.
", actually, the word "discriminatory" your

company did.

Please improve this unfair treatment as soon as better.

Thank you very much.
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The reason is Asia sever shouldn't limit Taiwan IP flow.
Would you recommend the better place than here for me or for us?
I will be grateful to you for your recommendation :)
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Yes, we just want to enjoy the game.
Actually, there are many people wait for get into the game for hours or even more than ten hours until midnight......
It also drives many Taiwanese people mad or disappointed.
And you're right, maybe it's obvious Bz doesn't want us to play, or they want us to play in other sever. But for other people....in someone's thought, they think "they paid the money for the product, but why they can not get their needs, that is, just enjoy the game..."
No matter what, thx for your answering very much. It gives me different ideas :)
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Diablo III Asia server
South Korea is deliberately blocking IP official in Taiwan so far no improvement
As a Taiwan player was very disappointed and angry
U.S. officials have urged the South Korean agents
Ask them to stop cheating
Used in Taiwan, Korea or the United States VPN can very well login and soon almost immediately into the game
Did not use a VPN, but simply could not and is an infinite loop waiting for
This is South Korea deliberately blocking Taiwan IP, right?
Please your emphasis on this issue have a significant impact on goodwill
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05/20/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Commodore
...And why is this in the technology and science forum?

05/23/2012 06:43 AMPosted by Inyxi
Bump for justice.

I'm a native-born American, and I believe Taiwanese people are our friends and allies. I believe in justice.

I also agree this post is probably in the wrong forum. Just saying.
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Ya lol, this should be viewed and there are a few violations as i've seen. I could be wrong though.
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