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Invicible Wizard Bug Please read.

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My friend has a Wizard. We cleared The whole inferno dificulty by using something like a bug.

Here how it works.


Warding passive that gives 310 life/sec
Arcane Dinamo
1 of your choice.


-Energy armor with the rune that reduce damage taken by 35% of your maximun health.
-5 of your choice



Each Peice of gear must have atleast +100-125/life per second

Get intellect for you damage.

How it works.

5k life wizard with energy armor with the rune that make you take 35% of your max hp with 21000-3100 life per second makes you invincible.

The regen per second is WAY to HIGH for the amount of hp that you have so you regen very very fast.

We just killed Belial inferno i was dead the whole fight watching him laughing at him and tanking each hit.

Please Blizzard Take a Look at this.
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Even if his regen is off the charts, I don't get how he isn't getting 1 shot with only 5k health.
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so what happens when he hits you more than once per second?
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05/21/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Thane
Even if his regen is off the charts, I don't get how he isn't getting 1 shot with only 5k health.
The passive makes things that hit for more than 35% only be 35% of his health. So impossible to be 1 shot if you kite correctly.
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Inferno solo belial kill

he has 215 vitality and he is invincible,
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Damn I'm sure it'll be fixed/nerfed.
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