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WotHF + Life Per Hit

So from my limited testing, it seems that each hit of the 7 mini hits in the combo Way of the Hundred Fists don't proc Life Per Hit heals.

I'm wondering if that's intended. The whole idea of those mini hits is that it gives you more chances to proc things, like Crits. Maybe the devs only had crits in mind for this then? There's not much for us that has to do with Crits though besides the Blazing Fists rune (which is WotHF itself anyway) so that makes me feel like it's pointless and almost gimmicky to have those 7 mini hits. They should proc anything on hit, that's more intuitive and more fun, adds some more depth to choosing this skill and gear (like if a weapon with really good stats + really high Life Per Hit heal drops, it would have been fun to use WotHF for a while).

Anyone else feel the same?
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Is your limited testing accurate :P? If it is, that's pretty disappointing.
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I was trying this just before the servers went down with the 10 hits rune. I didn't notice the super charged regen I expected. But I didn't get to test long.
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I also noticed this, I grabbed a couple of daggers with +Life on Hit and found that using Fists of Thunder would restore my health faster than Way of the Hundred Fists. Seems like the health restore only works for the first hit of the rapid jabs in WotHF rather than all of them. Major disappointment.
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i had also tried this a few time, between wothf, and fot, in hitting an elite mob, i notice wotf kill much faster than fot. but from animation, wotf got huge crap damage during the 7 mini hit. and the 140% weapon damage is only workable at the last hit, that will knock them back
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Does +life on hit work with SW?
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WotHF has the same problem on Sweeping Wind and i'm sure it has the same problem on all other on hit effects
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I ran my own "tests" as well to see what was happening, because I also was hoping it would work with on hit gain life or anything on hit. All I did was turn on healing numbers and play for a while watching closely. One thing I noticed for sure is that I do not see a ton of healing numbers flying out like I do damage. Who knows if it is working as intended or a bug?
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