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What to gear for?

60 DH here. I'm getting destroyed in act 2 inferno. I currently have over 1k dex and around 20k life and do about 18k damage. I feel like elites are laughing in my face when I try to kill them. I'm also using 2 hand crossbows with 500 dps each.

I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Especially with all these guys coming in here with like 40k+ DPS. There's obviously something I'm not gearing for which needs to be such as crit chance, crit damage, attack speed, etc. Is there some kind of priority?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Is the 18k damage with Sharpshooter passive on? 500 DPS weapons sound a bit low, especially when you can get 800+ DPS weapons at 60.
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Well, you need to have your resists at about 10% of your armor for optimal EHP gains from those stats... and they both need to be insanely high.

You also need high Dex but as DH you have that covered.

Apparently this is like bare minimum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271779364
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Yes, it's with sharpshooter on.
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I just hit 60 right before maint started and from what i can tell, you're dps is FAR too low. Right now im using a 450 dps bow and i do about 19k dmg with sharshooter on (which u really shouldnt be using as a benchmark as it scews ur stats) - right now just considering the necessary bow replacement i need my dps should double and thats not even thinking about the other level 60 pieces i will likely need to upgrade to.

I should also note that im gemmed for vitality and not dex becuase my damage is epic its my health that i've been trying to work on.

With all that being said, I literally JUST hit 60 so i havent even started inferno act 1 but as soon as maint is over I will. I strongly suggest you start working the auction house - a lot of money and gear to be found
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also curious
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It seems to be that hand crossbows don't do quite as much damage as bows do.
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I started Act II with 31k damage and I was still finding it difficult, pretty much gave up...
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1h xbows do about as much as 2h bows according to best in AH, around 900. xbows have peaked around 1200. however I feel dual wielding xbows isn't very strong, compared to using a quiver, especially when you can find super good ones for cheap in AH. look for one with 70+ dex, +max discipline, and vit/hatred regen/bonus damage to your skills of choice (hungering arrow, entangling arrow, multishot, 3 others that are less viable imo)... and watch how much your dps will go up over 2x 1handers. u can still use your best 1hander, but try to find something with 700+ dps for inferno

personally ive discovered elemental arrows nether rune ( the last one) is pretty overpowered, especially with sharpshooter due to its 1-2 seocnd reset delay. I hit for a good 2-3 crits per mob when it goes off. I use an xbow with archery for 50% crit dmg buff, but I feel a 1h xbow would work even better with these skills, to crit more often and shoot faster (this is with using elemental arrows nether rune as your hatred dump) Multishot is amazing with a full sharpshooter, nothing like a screen full of yellow numbers.

If you use a 2h bow I wouldn't recomend sharpshooter, unless you are stacking crit stats on gear or using impale with grievous wound rune, and even then I wouldn't recomend using sharpshooter because you don't get any crit buff from archery. I would use steady aim, cull the weak or some ultity skill that optimizes your build.

I used to use impale as my main hatred dump attack (with entangling shots chain gang as generator, but found it too impossible to keep track of the sharpshooter crit stack without keeping inventory open at all times, and wasted it on my generator while trying to cc a mob. I then heard elemental arrow was really strong so I switched it, and the damage is so much more than impale its rediculous. difference between a 20 second asmodan kill in hell and a 45-50 second kill.
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