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Help, level 30 wizard only 181 DPS


So im new to the Diablo franchise, and after reading through some threads on here it seems to be that im doing something wrong, ive played through most of the game on normal with usually just 1 other player. It hasnt really been that hard but im at the end of act 3 and its getting pretty tough to solo, if not really tough.

My stats are

HP: 2445
AP: 125

Strength: 37
Dexterity: 96
Intelligence: 308
Vitality: 229

Armor: 1133
DPS: 180.89...........

Most of my equipment boosts either vitality or intelligence, and as of recently it seems like i should be looking for equipment(besides the weapon) that adds damage and attack speed as well or?

Im using a rare wand and its stats are:
31.5 DPS
14-28 DMG
1.5 APS
1-4 DMG
Attack Speed +7%
something +7 Life..cant remember
+5 max arcane power

I have not purchased any gear on the AH, all of my gear was either bought from a merchant or was found as a drop.

Any tips would be great, as my wizard seems to be lacking in the damage department...
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yeah ive got a socketed shield that has 176 armor, with +29 INT, and +10 INT from a gem
Hey buddy I think I can help you with some of your gear issues. I have a ton of left over wizard gear around that level that I am no longer useing feel free to add me up and I can give it to you.

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Rofl.. Hit the damn auction house. Problem solved.
that wand is you main problem
what u can do is go on the AH n put in the filter int and a max buyout of like 3-5k and you can get REALY good stuff you would be supprised

ps you can actualy get a full set of gear on the AH for like 900 to 5k gold per peice and do decent Dps
Alright so i should just check the auction house then, Should i also keep an eye out for armor and items that add damage and attack speed %???

what kind of DPS should i be shooting for at this level?
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My wizard's level 32, and currently his dps is sitting at about 700. Mostly your weapon it looks like, I bought a new weapon off the ah near the start of act 4, and it made a world of difference for me.
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ya i would go with a staff with ruby inserts... in fact put +dmg or int in every item... AH got me from 150dmg at lvl 30 to 1k+ at 35
I personally am just playing as a solo game (hoping to get the wife into it and duo maybe, but that'll be later). As such the AH just makes the entire loot drop system pointless, and so I don't intend to use the AH at all until and unless I get utterly stuck. Everyone seems t say 'just go to the AH', but frankly doing so ruins the point of any drips I might get and makes the game a pure grind.

How far has anyone he got without any use of the AH? Is it viable through to at lest the end of Nightmare?

How far has anyone he got without any use of the AH? Is it viable through to at lest the end of Nightmare?

Personally I made it through NM Act I before i had to hit up the AH (I was lvl 35 at the time). Things really started to ramp up in Act II and I was having a hard time with packs of normal mobs.

I spent about 50K on the AH and upgraded most of my gear, especially my 1-h weapon (had a good focus drop already) and my DPS ramped up from about 600 to over 1400. After that, things got much easier (was a 1-sec disintobeam burst on a pack instead of 3 or 4 seconds and running out of AP). About the middle of Act III, and again bought a good upgrade weapon from the AH at 10K and bumped DPS again upto about 2300.

If you are waiting on the drops you need as upgrades, it could be a fairly long wait, given the number of possible affixes on items to find ones that will be an upgrade for you.
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Two handed swords are where it's at. They just look badass on the slight Wizard frame.

Especially because the ones from Act 4 look like Tyrael's sword.

My wizard looks like a Fire Emblem Sword Lord.
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I'm now a level 60 Wizard, i only used AH to sell item, the trick is to get one ring that give damage (not 2, you are better with intel or attack speed). Focus on the dps of the weapon, put red gem if you can. I like to use Glass Cannon and Magic Weapon to give me a great boost, now i have 19k damage :P
wouldnt it be better to equip a 1 handed weapon and then an off hand item... or no?

I guess i didnt realize the red gems would add damage... ive got a couple flawless rubys
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Koshling, I'm right there with you on the AH. I may take a look at it if (or perhaps when) i get stuck, but I prefer finding it, or direct trading. Maybe later if I'm looking for something specific, unfortunately D3 right now just has fairly uniform stat boosters. I'd guess they will put out more interesting weapon modifiers in DLC or patches.

Dekdo: I've got an FAQ that may be of some use: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149616229?page=4

The general gist is, at lower levels favor +damage over +intelligence. Don't ignore int, but strongly favor +damage. This is why upgrading your weapon will really help.

Slap a ruby in it, grab some +damage rings, and for now try a good 2H weapon. Most wiz, builds rely heavily on using AP, and 2H higher damage really helps. Your overall DPS is the same as with a 1H...but if you can only cast 3 arcane orbs before waiting for your recharge, it doesn't matter if you can cast them at a billion times per second. So you want to make them count.
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Go to AH :)
Saiph's advise is perfect.

My wizard's DPS was at about 300 dps last night, at level 32. My badly aging gear (lots of lower level items in there) heavily favored Intelligence.

I doubled my DPS by buying a cheap 2H weapon from the AH for about 1.5k gold. At 32 I noticed a decent 2H should have about 67.3 damage on it. I took that cheap 2H and added a ruby to it for +damage. Then I added 2 socketed magic rings with +damage on them instead of int. I added some cheap yellow gems for +int.

DPS was now about 600.

It was shocking to me how much of a boost the rings gave me. I thought my int rings were OK, since they had quite A LOT of int on them... but the + damage rings I thought were throw away, turned out to be significantly better.
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thanks for the help guys, got a decent two handed sword with a socket and put a flawless ruby in it. 400 DPS now and im going through everything no problem in ACT 4
you should get a really high dmg 2 handed weapon with lots of intelligence and either life regen or vitality (and a socket) from auction house

you can also look for weapons that have lower level requirements, i got one that did nearly 300 damage and was 4 classes higher than i was
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you want a wep with the highest Damage possable you can afford and + damage rings.
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