Diablo® III

The real 4721 build

Posting the much more broken version of this build to get it fixed faster so we can have actual fun builds instead of this dumb silliness.

Why use silly life regen when you can just spam Diamond Skin with no cooldown, along with massive amounts of damage from Explosive Blast spam and elite pack stunlocks?


0 vit
high crit rate
fast 1h weapon
int, ias, crit damage
mf to taste
life regen unnecessary

Poop out Living Lightnings. This hits enemies a zillion times a second and applies Venom, which hits even more. This results in well over a hundred hits a second, all of which can crit. These crits trigger Critical Mass, resetting your Frost Nova, Diamond Skin and Explosive Blast cooldowns practically instantly. Also, Prodigy gives you vast amounts of AP to fuel Explosive Blast spam. Arcane Dynamo triggers constantly and powers up almost every blast. Frost Nova allows you to literally stunlock elite packs, even with their massively reduced duration. Also you are invulnerable because Force Armor reduces damage so that Diamond Skin lasts through 12-13 attacks, and Diamond Skin can literally be spammed.

Variations: Swap Frost Nova for Wave of Force, different Explosive Blast runes, swapping up Prodigy for whatever. This one is optimal for general play though.

Act 3 Inferno is easiest to farm but it can also handle act 4. Problematic elite mods are Molten and Fire Chains, but they can be killed by stunlocking or careful play. Invulnerable Minions should generally be skipped unless the other mods are harmless.

tl;dr: Constant massive AOE damage, nova stunlocks, infinite health against anything but fast DoTs.

Also, Force Armor still works, don't listen to the lies.
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Sounds good in theory, what are your stats?
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I just set my 60 wiz up for this last night. I'm running about 40% crit unbuffed, 45 with 5% crit Force armor, and with frost nova on more than 5 mobs, that puts me at 60% total (that might not be the actual calculation now that I think about it, but regardless my crit is high and possible over 50%). I have close to 200% increased crit damage and nearing 30k life with 1100 int. I replaced diamond skin with slow time for added 10% IAS to everyone in the group, and good range protection.

I have a small amount of life steal/life on hit and with living lightning hitting constantly, I can outheal most of the trash in hell/infact1. More important than any of that is the fact that you can stunlock massive packs of mobs, as Doniazade said, and with a barb/monk combo, vortex completely nullifies the small radius effect. I never lose mana because explosive blast barely costs anything, and a few items with +AP per hit, you will never lose AP.

The one drawback is death comes swiftly. You have to be ready for most things, and pretty ambiguously running back and forth between packs of mobs.

For those curious, evocation sheds just the right amount of time off of explosive blast to allow it to be cast sequentially after the 3rd blast fires. This means consistent potential for crits from EB, and while spamming LL, your CD is almost always refreshed. There is no internal cooldown on EB, so you can spam it so long as you have AP while your LL travel through your enemies. I have had it so that the eplosive blasts "round robin" in the sense that by the time i've cast my first EB, the CD is refreshed by Critical mass, thus allowing me to cast another not even a second later. The dmg is horrendous, and the CC is amazing. My DMG is ~18k buffed, but with the CD refreshing like it does, my dps is probably 3-4 times that.

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I ran a similar one too, awesome for single/many enemies, you take essential no damage but then some instant death sometimes, but it is fun as hell. Now that the cat is out of the bag we probably will get nerfed...
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There's no need for prodigy, get AP/crit on gear...
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Having Force Armor and no vit after the nerf is going to get you killed instantly whenever anything looks at you funny. Good luck with that.
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There are a ton of Wizard builds that can make you appear OP. At the end of the day, all it takes is one champion mob with the right stats to pwn a particular build. Heck even trash mobs can pwn you if they have fast attack or fast moving speeds.

Shielding champions will always pwn Wizard crit builds.

They can nerf living lightning, but you can still stack a crap ton of crit % and attack speed and still use critical mass with effectively with spectral blade or electrocute and still stun lock everything.

Now if they nerf critical mass, you can still stack a crap ton of crit % and attack speed and still use living lightning with Paralysis and also stack AP on crit and AP on attack and spam the hell out Comet and Frozen Solid and still stun lock everything.

Now if they nerf both critical mass and living lightning, you can try build X or Y and still pwn 98% of the mobs and bosses.

See where I'm going with this? There are a tons of builds that synergize really well. I hope Blizzard thinks real hard before nerfing Wizards or any other class into non existence making the only way to be OP gear based, then they would probably nerf gear too.

Blizzard could have prevented all this nonsense by instead of trying to make Inferno hard by making it so there are mobs that kill you in 0.5 seconds so that it would take you longer to progress in Inferno.. They should have let them hit just as hard as Hell or a little harder, but give them 10 or more times the health. That would have effectively slowed ppl down in Inferno without forcing them to use cheesy builds. This would have also prevented 98% of the so called exploit builds from even making much of a difference at all, forcing people to do what they should be doing which is stacking BASE stat gear so they can counter the high health with high damage.

Any combo of the following Wizard skills/runes can be used in the combonation and manner to make a Wizard seem OP in the right situation. I'm sure there are 100s of builds for other classes too, I just don't have the experience using them to quote anything.

Explosive Bolts
Peircing Orb
Living Lightning
Deep Cuts
Thrown Blade
Chain Lightning
Forked Lightning
Lightning Blast
Arc Lightning
Forceful Wave
Exploding Wave
Wicked Wind
Venom Hydra
Molten Impact
Meteor Shower
Blizzard/Any Rune
Reactive Armor
Shocking Aspect
Explosive Blast/Any Rune
Mocking Demise

Also, wasn't it the Blizzard devs that said they wanted the player to feel OP?
Edited by Marsupilami#1792 on 5/24/2012 4:00 PM PDT
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so this was nerfed..
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