Diablo® III

Nightmare Act II - Level 35

I am having a very hard time soloing this and I believe it is due to my skill set. I am just at lost on what I should be doing. Should I be kiting, tanking, in between? I would appreciate some insight from you expert wizards on what worked for you in Nightmare.


x I tried searching but for some reason it seems broken on my end.
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what is your hp?
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My HP is around 6k. DPS w/ Buff is at 860.
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Hmm. Use Diamond Skin and Energy Armour maybe. If that doesn't work, add Teleport into the mix.

I do that and I only die when I daydream and stand in the fire or something.
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your dps seems pretty damn low for the level dude.

i use venom hydra/blizzard/disintegrate/energy armor/diamond skin/force weapon.

put down a venom hydra, put couple blizzard around the hydra, kite around the hydra?
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diamond skin is a must. teleport is a bit of too much escape for me. your dps looks pretty solid enough.

hydra works really well. there will always be some element of kiting when blue or yellow mobs appear, so yep
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UcXdSY!XcY!aaabZa this is what I am using as of now.
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Hit up the ah and buy some vit/int gear and a good wep, i went w/a 2h but can do either combo as long as it's good. I've solo'd everything up to where I'm at now(act2 hell) and soloing is very gear/dps dependent
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Thanks for the tips guys. I will start messing around with some builds and keep an eye out at the AH.
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all you need is a good weapon and some int amours. simply go checking vendors. it's only nightmare, and you dont really need to spend gold on AH.
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your dps is workable for 35

I would go magic missile/arcane orb for damage. take arcane hydra and diamond skin

for easy groups you can spam damage and use diamond when they close distance. for elites drop hydra and run while spamming damage. turn and fight when diamond skin is up.
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Use the AH...

Get a weapon that has DPS of around 100-130 - get a socketed one stick a square Ruby in it

Get socketed items, buy Square Topaz and whack up the Intelligence

Buy items with Intelligence, high armour never hurts either

There is the whole regen build but its not needed for Nightmare

You can get DPS up to about 3000+ with Magic Weapon and that Faerie thing!

Venom Hydra is great if you need to Kite, Disintegrate will murder and then play around with defensive. This build will need tweaking later on but will get you through Nightmare easily
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