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Appropriate Stats for Hell

I haven't got far into Hell yet. Will these stats keep me going?

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It's doable. It's just gonna be hard without Dexterity, in my opinion. I'm wondering about your skill selection, and which passives you have.
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I chose vit and resists so I could use the skills I like. With that amount of health I do have time to run back to the start of the map :).
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I've found this a great build for Healing/Tanking on teams. Yes more dodge and damage would be better but I doubt I'll ever solo Hell or Inferno, even if I could I don't think I have the patience for it.
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I have a very similar build as you Klaw, except a few changes:

-Concussion rune for Crippling Wave. Guaranteed 20% damage reduction is huge as you're basically gunna be spamming CW on AOE and elite/boss fights(I only use FOT for fast spirit regen and quick teleporting if need be, thinking of replacing it completely actually).

-Sustenance rune for MoH. I heard BoP is going to get nerfed, so extra healing is always good.

-Breath of Heaven with Circle of Life rune instead of SSS. Having a big burst heal for cheap and fairly short CD is huge and has saved me quite a few times. It'll also help group mates. I used to use SSS but the high spirit cost and long CD made it not really worthwhile.

For passives I use Chant of Resonance and Seize the Initiative instead of One with Everything and Exalted Soul. The passive spirit regen with CoR is nice when I have to run away/kite harder mobs, and extra armor from StI that scales with my Dex is pretty nice.
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