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Cow level Comp Crash?!

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Hello! My friend reciently constructed the staff of hearding and invited my girlfriend and I to join him in the new colorful cow level, I hosted the game and everything was running very smoothly as it usually does up until i entered the zone. When I entered the zone it took forever to load in, it caused my computer to lag, making it impossible to alt tab or Ctrlalt Delete out. All I could see was a motionless demon hunter about to blast away at some cupcakes and flowers, a mini map with a rainbow road, and several enemies I could mouse over and see the health bars of. My character didn't render for some time when I was able to move (approx 3 minutes later) however, The game itself was still frozen (approx 2 minutes after we entered the zone had finally loaded into my game and I was able to see my friends progress through the zone one frame every few moments). This terrible lag caused my ventrilo, which i used to communicate with my girlfriend and my friend from school, to be very laggy and choppy. I could barely make out what either of them were saying and it concerned me greatly that they couldn't hear my pleas of "OMFG" 's and "WTF" 's.

It was at that time when I decided to reboot my computer (Which in retro spect was a terrible idea, I should have just Alt F4ed). Upon returning to my desktop after a longer than usual boot sequence, I find that my network was disconnected for some unknown reason. I tried everything I could think of at the time to repair the network connection. I tried connecting 3 different ethernet cables, rebooted my modem and router, rebooting my computer, repairing the network, have my dad take a look at it, threaten my network with details of its disassembaly, finally I just decided to reinstall windows as my computer was bran new regardless and wasn't losing any valuable information, just time. So here I am several hours later; exhasperated, violated, and ready to get back into the game just figured I would make you aware of the issue I've been troubling myself with for the past half day.
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I'm complaining about having my network crash entirely and STILL not being able to play the game because of a bug I got in the pony level. Don't be conceded.
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