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Torchlight 2 vs Diablo 3

So is anyone going to play Torchlight 2?
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Well since it looks like how d3 should have been.....Yes
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nope i hate disneyland games :P
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Depends...I sure as hell wont fork over money for it before I see if its any better than Diablo3 or even more of a WoW clo(w)ne.

Diablo3 burnt me pretty hard.
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Cant be any worse than this. And its probably the game I was lookign for all along.
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Maybe we should try it when it releases.
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I played the Torchlight 2 beta, I liked it alot.

Each stat can be useful to EACH class, the multiplayer system is just like diablo 2 in that; you can choose which game you want to join out of a list of other games. Theres no real limit on abilities you can use, theres common sets that are completely randomly generated and there are unique sets which the current lvl 60 sets in D3 should have been.

Each class has it's own identity, each of those identities have multiple builds that you can choose from.

Oh and the game doesn't do everything for you.
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Already pre-ordered the 4 pack, with 4 free copies of the original TL, which I hadn't played.

Wow, that game was surprisingly fun. Sure, it was a lot simpler than D2, but a lot more complex than original D1. Pretty good mix of the two systems, besides the simple outright "here is your character, it is the same as that character" system we have here.
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I thought the art looked nice. I always find the most fun part of these games to be exploring the environments. I'll probably give it a try, though the original Torchlight never held my interest for anywhere near long enough to finish it.

I like how it lets you play whichever gender you want for any class. That was a great change in D3, too!

+1 it looks like disneyland and if people are complaining about drops in d3 wait till you play TL XD
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05/24/2012 04:49 AMPosted by Powerade
Cant be any worse than this. And its probably the game I was lookign for all along.

along with GW2.
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I'll buy Torchlight 2

It's cheaper, doesn't require you to be online all the time, support mods, and has online coop.

When i bought Diablo 3 I thought I'm gonna have a blast,which i did, but as i keep playing problems started stacking, error 37,laggy server,server downtime,Skill UI is a mess when using elective mode, unorganize journal etc.

Now,I'm not sure i made the right decision anymore.

So yeah, I'll buy Torchlight 2, and leave Diablo 3,and Blizzard's future game that has the same problem as Diablo 3, in the dust.
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05/24/2012 04:44 AMPosted by Pentagram
So is anyone going to play Torchlight 2?

Never heard of it so.. no?

Also, I'm sure they have their own forums.. go be a pest there.
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diablo 3 is bad but that game looks horrible
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Nope nope nope. I like Diablo 3. I'm sticking around.
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If I wanted to play a cartoony PoS game, I'd go buy Rift.
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I played T original and had decent fun. Fun return was worth the $15. Think it was a good effort by a small indie software house. I pre ordered.

I want to support software makers who do not rip off Australians and ppl in other regions by slugging them with extra cost Because They Can. T2 costs $20 for everyone so I will happily buy it.
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Lineage 3 > all
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