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Torchlight 2 vs Diablo 3

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I can't wait to see the torrent download numbers of Torchlight 2 followed by a dramatic quieting down of the D3 forums.

Oh and also I'm probably going to hate Torchlight 2 so instead of playing d3 I will go to their forums and spend all my days railing about all it's flaws and how Torchlight 1 was way better.

/end sarcasm
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05/24/2012 05:14 AMPosted by PhazeDelta1
If I wanted to play a cartoony PoS game, I'd go buy Rift.

Rofl. You have obviously never played it. Graphics are not cartoony at all. The game with sad cartoony gfx you are looking for is, 'WoW'. Rift horde version (Defiant) is gritty and steampunkish, Guardian side is triumphant and expansive.

Cartoony is not an adjective you can apply to Rift, not even in the lowest gfx setting.
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Nope. Doesn't have PvP. Neither does D3 for that matter lol.

I might try out Path of Exile. It seems to have PvP and meaningful item customization.
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05/24/2012 05:09 AMPosted by Shaelynn
So is anyone going to play Torchlight 2?

Never heard of it so.. no?

Also, I'm sure they have their own forums.. go be a pest there.
torchlight 2 is a dungeon crawler action rpg like diablo, and its devs are from blizzard north, the original creators of diablo 1 and 2.

now youve heard of it.
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I think I'm the only one amongst my friends that would play Torchlight 2, as none of them are really heavy PC gamers, so they're not really on the Steam/Indie type of gaming. I'll still get it though, and by then, I'll probably play D3 as well once every 1-2 weeks or so.
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After bein all disappointed about D3 I will most likely give TL2 a good try. Been playing TL1 but it was so boring because of SP all the time. We'll see.
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05/24/2012 05:24 AMPosted by Coolmoos
If I wanted to play a cartoony PoS game, I'd go buy Rift.

Dumbest statement of the year goes tooooooo.... *drumroll*

The idiot PhazeDelta1

Thank you. I am honored to be amongst the elite on this forum.
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After dropping $60 on a game with no depth, I'll be happy to drop $20 on a game that has a fair amount.
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20$ dang skippy ima buy it. also it supports MODS so its potential is nearly infinite
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It's funny how people mention TL being "cartoony" or "disneyland" when in fact you can't get much more disneyland than the characters and bad guys portrayed in D3.

Really, some of that story/voice acting is downright painful.

"I'm so impressive, I astound even myself."
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why was this thread reported lol? fanboys out on a rampage i guess
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TL2/PoE/Lineage 3/Grim Dawn (if that ever comes out)

One of them has to capture what D2 had, D3 certainly didn't.

The difference between the item you'll find at 10 and the one you'll find at 60? the one at 60 will have higher numbers. that's it.

How do you get higher numbers? Not by killing mobs or crafting, nope.. you buy it off the AH. So much fun. Should have subtitled this game Diablo 3 "Flea Market Bonanza!"
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05/24/2012 05:23 AMPosted by Naellme
the graphics in tl2 sucks and it looks like it was made for children.


While I do have a preference for better graphics or picture, I tend to not let that limit my enjoyment wherever possible. Would you criticize Twilight Zone for it being in black & white? If shows like South Park, and games like Binding of Isaac or Super Meat Boy have shown us anything, it's that you don't judge the way something looks as it being for children.
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