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Torchlight 2 vs Diablo 3

I played torchlight 1 and it was pretty badass, graphics was maybe bit too colorfull, but the music in city had atmosphere of tristram from d1. so im definetly gonna buy it only because of atmosphere of music...
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Depends...I sure as hell wont fork over money for it before I see if its any better than Diablo3 or even more of a WoW clo(w)ne.

Diablo3 burnt me pretty hard.
I actually prepaid for it and they gave torchlight to me for free. The game plays like a charm so i am definitely waiting for Torchlight 2. Plus it was only $19.99
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Don't forget to mod Torchlight! The texture mod makes it looks like a completely different game.
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Diablo 2 veteran here, who spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on D2 and LOD, D3 sucks big time, like somebody sad it already Torchlight 2 is everything D3 should have been. I've played D3 for a month and a half and uninstalled it, can't describe how disappointed I was, it took Blizz 5 years to come up with a game like that, siriuosly. I pre-ordered TL2 and I can't wait to come out.
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Will definitely pick this one up and probably play D3 for about 5-10mins every 36hours or something til i sell off all my gear
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hell ya, torchlight 2 is gonna make jay wilson and blizz look like fools when its released.
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07/24/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Dustin
Don't forget to mod Torchlight! The texture mod makes it looks like a completely different game.

Archanoth's mod also makes it much less broken gameplaywise. Too bad, mods seem to triple the length of the initial loading time for some reason.
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i know you're not ready to process this but here it is:

i will play both
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05/24/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Daz1967
I will definitely be buying Torchlight 2. I suspect it may prove to be the better game in many ways and certainly won't be juddering, jerky and hitching due to server lag!!! ;)


I'd not heard much about Torchlight 2 but a mate of mine love the first one. I've been looking into it and frankly it looks so much better the D3 in so many simple ways.

1. Character customisation - It has some. The classes look a heck of a lot more interesting, skills have more options, characters have more builds, all stats can be useful for every class depending on your build and the females don't look universally like hookers.

2. No 'always online' DRM therefor no lag in single player mode. Radical are taking responsiblilty for DRM, hacks etc rather than forcing the player to shoulder the burden. Unlike Actiblizz.

3. The game costs less than half D3, the pre-purchase comes with Torchlight, which should be interesting. Free game to try out while I wait for the official release of T2.

4. Environments are more colourful. D3 is a mix of dark grey, dark green and dark brown.

5. The gear and weapons look WAY more varied and interesting. Can't find much on loot drop rates yet though.

6. Pet system. Waaaay better looking than the crappy mercs. I never use those tools, they just get in the way big time and never shut up. Seriously the endless blabbering of the npcs is infuriating. I've tried to kill Leah, it was a case of "enough about the god damned inn!"

7. No RMAH Hell yeah!

8. Lobby! :D Giving choices to the players, are they mad? hehehe

9. Radical actually seems to be listening to the players. I know, after Actiblizz this seems incredible and unbelievable but I guess some companies do care how the players feel.

10. It's actually made by the people who gave us D2. Somehow this feels right. Something about the way the Jay Wilson came at the game was just off. Perhaps because he started out with the the view that D2 was a bad game...god knows how he attributed the fact that it is the longest running, most famous and popular hack/slasher in over a decade. What was he thinking?
"I'm not a fan of D2 therefor no one is. So i'm going to make a different game and just call it Diablo. What do you mean people have been playing it for 10 years? Don't talk rubbish! blah blah blah I'm not listening".
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07/25/2012 03:09 PMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
Archanoth's mod also makes it much less broken gameplaywise.

Thanks! I'd got the HD mod, but I didn't know about this one.
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07/24/2012 09:51 AMPosted by MINiOn
I played torchlight 1 and it was pretty badass, graphics was maybe bit too colorfull, but the music in city had atmosphere of tristram from d1. so im definetly gonna buy it only because of atmosphere of music...

I thought the music was also very Diablo-esque. Turns out that's because Runic also has the original Diablo composer on their staff doing the composing for them.

From wikipedia: "One notable addition to the staff was Matt Uelmen, composer for Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo series."

I'm loving TL1 though, got in on a group buy for the preorder of TL2 and got TL1 for free so it came out to $15 for both games which is a friggin' amazing deal. Yeah it's a little bit cartoony but the game runs phenomenally and plays great. You can tell the budget was a little bit lower since they didn't get voice actors to do all the lines but the voice acting that's there is pretty decent. I'm pretty addicted to be honest and it was more fun than the bit of D3 I did play.

That said, I can't wait for Heart of the Swarm but I can't help but feel like the Activision/Blizzard merger changed Blizzard =(
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Cause graphics is ALL that matters in a game, you start your game to only stare at your screen and look at graphics?
Some other people maybe want a nice gaming experience aswel, and diablo3 doesnt do the trick for me, and as it seems many others.
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When it comes to music, I find both TL1 and D3 to be quite underwhelming. Not saying their respective score is bad, but it's kinda forgettable in comparison to the composers' previous work.

D1's Tristram theme is classic; the D3 version of it and Torchlight's theme, not so much. :/
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I dabbled in the world of T1 and T2, and I just could never stick with it, D2 and 3 had a grip on me and I am not going to buy the third Torchlight,(assuming they make one).

Also, I'm not basing my opinion on the graphics of the game, it was just cartoony with the SAME play style as Diablo 3, and in my opinion, a game like these has to look dark and unforgiving. Just my opinion on the whole ordeal.
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been playing tl2 alot lately very good game for $10 (bought on steam sale) lots of builds very fun gameplay exploration is rewarded and the endgame is brilliant (mapworks) such a great idea.

i would recomend anyone to TL2 if they are a fan of ARPG's it doesnt dissapoint and it still has a large player base so findin pub games aint to hard and for 19.99 on steam its a bargain
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