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Demon hunter loses hp during smoke screen

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I noticed that the demon hunter will continue to take damage while standing in plague, even if smoke screen is up. This logically does not make sense, as there is absolutely nothing else that also makes demon hunter lose hp while in smoke screen.

On an additional note, demon hunter will frequently display 0 hp for the user (but sometimes show the correct hp from a party member's point of view) if the demon hunter uses smoke screen on what would have been a fatal blow. The result is that the demon hunter will no longer be able to know how much hp he or she has.

Receiving any heal from any source does not fix the display, only taking non-fatal damage does the bug fix itself.

If the user attempts to use a potion while the demon hunter is at full hp (while still displaying 0 hp for the unknowing user) the potion cooldown will reset while no potions are consumed.

This is very frustrating as this happens frequently.
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Same thing happens to a witch doctor when using soul walk. You are supposed to be invulnerable for a few seconds, but apparently things can still hit, and kill you while you are in the spirit realm. Most notably bosses on inferno.
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Just wanted to update to add that the demon hunter does not ACTUALLY take damage during smoke screen while standing in the plague, HOWEVER, the user interface will show hp depleting as if you did not have smoke screen on at all.

This ALWAYS happens while standing in plague during smoke screen, this is 100% reproducible. When you try to use a health potion to regain your "lost" health, you will be penalized a cool down for your health potion, not actually use the potion (since you are 100% hp already) and still remain at the life you were displayed previously (continues to show 0hp or whatever the hp that would have remained if smoke screen had not be on while standing in the plague).

Once again, the only way to fix this while in game is to take additional non-fatal damage to reset the health UI, but unfortunately this isn't something that can always happen while playing inferno...
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I have been slayed just after smokescreen goes up by inferno mobs.

I have still yet to see this ability work as everybody seems to advertise it.

Even in hell against hell witches there plasma balls still killed me in smokescreen right after ability was used.

Invulnerable is not what you become you BECOME INVISIBLE. I dont see how its op
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As far as I'm aware, smokescreen makes you invisible allowing you to take 0 damage from physical attacks. However elemental and area of effect spells will still have you take damage. this includes:

  • Wood Wraith Flowers
  • Butchers Fire Floor Thingamajig
  • Plagued, Molten & Fire chains
  • etc...

However it still breaks Crowd Control effects like stun, frozen, etc. Which is weird imo.
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