Diablo® III

Selling Gear of all kinds and all levels!

What's up guys, selling all sorts of items so here goes. Keep in mind that all items listed are negotiable:

Primal Crown Rare Helm [30k Gold]

87 Armor
+46 Strength
+25 Intelligence
+33 Vitality
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 21

Scale Fortune Rare Barbarian Belt [30k Gold]

36 Armor
+6% Extra Gold from Monsters
+6% Better chance of finding Magical Items
+2 Maximum Fury
Monster kills grant +5 experience
Req. Level: 9

Immortal Bounders Rare Pants [30k Gold]

138 Armor
+50 Vitality
Regenerate 3 Life per second
7% Better chance of finding magical items
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 35

Vagrant Strike Rare Boots [25k Gold]

87 Armor
+41 Strength
+98 Dexterity
+22 Vitality
Increase Gold and Health pickup by 4 Yards.
Req. Level: 31

Truth Gage Rare Gloves [10k Gold]

135 Armor
+47 Strength
+20 Intelligence
+18 Arcane Resistance
Regenerate 10 life per second.
Monster kills grant +20 experience.
Req. Level: 40

Juggernaut's Cycle Rare Barbarian Belt [80k Gold]

147 Armor
+77 Strength
+15 Intelligence
Regenerate 6 life per second
+7 Maximum Fury
Melee Attackers take 16 damage per hit.
Req. Level: 38

Reply or pm me if interested! Add me if you want to negotiate even!
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Outcast Tunic Rare Demon Hunter Cloak [60k Gold]

176 Armor
+52 Dexterity
+51 Vitality
Increase Hatred Regeneration by 0.78 per second.
Health Globes Grant +748 Life.
Increase Gold and Health pickup by 6 yards.
[Open Socket]
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 38

Dominion Grant Rare Shoulders [20k Gold]

146 Armor
+86 Strength
+28 Dexterity
+43 Vitality
Regenerate 19 life per second.
Monster kills grant +20 experience.
Increase gold and health pickup by 4 yards.
Req Level: 40

War Smite Rare 1-Hand Barbarian Sword [50k Gold]

70.8 Damage Per Second
+9-16 Poison Damage
+6 Maximum Fury
1.90% of damage dealt is converted to life.
Monster kills grant +16 experience.
1.2% chance to stun on hit.
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 37

Cannibal Hands Rare Gloves [6k Gold]

58 Armor
+26 Intelligence
+10 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 4%
8% Better chance of finding Magical Items
Health Globes Grant +53 Life
Req. Level: 21

Champion Torment Rare Chest Armor [30k Gold]

175 Armor
+97 Dexterity
+27 Vitality
Melee Attackers take 40 Damage per hit.
[Open Socket]
[Open Socket]
Req. Level 41
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Archery Reward Rare Demon Hunter Quiver [10k Gold]

Attack Speed Increased by 10%
+10% Extra Gold from Monsters
Regenerate 1 life per second
+3 Maximum Discipline
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 1%
Req. Level: 13

Nomad's Shield Rare Shield [20k Gold]

374 Armor
+44 Dexterity
+38 Vitality
+12 Cold Resistance
Melee Attackers take 9 damage per hit
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 33

Odd Hooves Rare Boots [30k Gold]

111 Armor
+20 Arcane Resistance
9% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
+11% Movement Speed
Ignores Durability
Req. Level: 36

Illuminated Wedge Rare Sword 1-Hand [30k Gold]

161.8 Damage Per Second
+35-61 Holy Damage
+79 Strength
+25 Intelligence
Increases Attack Speed by 8%
[Open Socket]
Req. Level: 46

Authority Anchor Rare Shoulders [20k Gold]

78 Armor
+26 Strength
+34 Intelligence
+37 Vitality
Melee attackers take 7 damage per hit.
Health globes grant +66 life.
Req. Level: 23

Deviant Chains Rare Bracers [30k Gold]

127 Armor
+28 Strength
+99 Dexterity
+26 Lightning Resistance
Regenerate 22 life per second
Increase Gold and Health pickup by 6 yards.
Req. Level: 51
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*Going to go ahead and reserve this one too*
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