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2h Bow or dual Crossbow?

I've ready where 2h and quiver net a higher dps than dual crossbow but don't really understand how. ATM I'm only @25 Normal mode, will this make a different later? If I currently have 2 1h bows that are higher dps than the 2h should I use those instead?

I know it sounds like the noob thing to say but I just really like how cool dual wielding 2 crossbows look.
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Thats a good question Id like to know also, only difference I see is the stats on the other hand-bow (offhand) would have to be higher then the quiver/arrows, also comes with its own properties I suppose, but I rock a 1 hand-bow and quiver atm because I havent found another bow yet that has superior stats other then its own damage properties.
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Comparing a 1h-bow + quiver vs 2x 1h-bow -- the dual wield is only better if your second bow is approximately equal to the first bow, otherwise you're decreasing your DPS by alternating fire with an inferior bow.

As far as 1h bow vs 2h bow/xbow, I think it mainly depends on the stats of the particular bow, you should be able to reach comparable numbers with either setup.
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Just spent like 9.5 million gold on a 1h crossbow, hope that was a good idea, lol.

Fast weapons just feel better, but i'm still questioning if it's actually worth it in terms of actual numbers.
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The archery passive talent is why 2H bow is so good, 15% more damage with bows. People say that at 60 when you can stack crit/crit dmg that 1H and 2H xbows become more viable. The double 1h can give more disc back if you take the nightstalker passive. I haven't seen any math on the xbows yet so I am holding off til I do. At a glance the claims of the xbows being just as viable at 60 seems far-fetched to me since a blanket 15% damage transfers into the crits too.

I prefer slow weapons because when I am kiting I don't have time to shoot so any chance I get I want to fire off some massive damage in a small amount of time.

I would love to see some math on it if anybody feels inclined to be nerdy.
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2-H Xbow is for pure burst damage using Sharpshooter, Archery, and critical damage mods.

With six spike traps set up in a designated spot, you can leash a champion into the traps for some insane damage.

275% * 6 = 1650% * 2 (Base crit damage + Archery 2H XBow mod) = 3300% Burst in one shot.

Use smokescreen to then disengage from a fight and you can rig up another Spike Trap burst inside 30s~, making it a relatively safe to deal with a lot of mobs in Hell and Inferno.

You can even get an armor piece that boosts spike trap damage by 6%m which adds another 200% burst to the combo.

Damage caltraps can be added in for even more bursting, leading you to be able to deal roughly 3700% burst in one insane shot.

This is assuming you only have Archery passive on. Throw in a Socket for more crit damage and other gear pieces, and you can easily spike for 5000% damage.
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05/24/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Iwanturovary
My DPS goes down when I dual wield. Stick with a 2h Crossbow. I'm sitting at 44k DPS in Inferno right now.

44k dps? What is your dexterity at?
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I would personally suggest 2H
bow for those who do not want to depend on crits completely and like a hasty and mobile play (yes gameplay is possible without shapshooter passive! I sort of grow tired of ppl telling me they reach 50K dps for one shot and being 15k after :-D )
crossbow for those who do know how to play carefully and can deliver those fatal oneshot kills
(in inferno this is challenging indeed!)
for the following reasons:
1. it's cheaper - to get a decent 2H is at least half the price to get two decent one hands, quiver comes cheaply ( I have +80 dex/ 192 vit quiver for 200K)
2. more weapon dmg - yes that sort of relevant thing that all your skills stack of
3. lower attack speed - many people stack atk speed to reach maximum dps, making slower weapons more desirable for maintaining resource managment (this of course does not account for the discipline restoring passive, who exactly is using that? Not me, sorry.)

To conclude, I play with a Bow, I used to lvl up and play with a crossbow, it is imho the way to go since DHs are the only ones who get to have offhand with a two hand making 2Hs much more viable than to all other classes.

I am using this solo build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#fRdSXV!aeY!bcbcZb I got off some guide, it's creative and effective.
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