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how does life steal work? I have 8.10% ...

Okay, so my barb uses a 2 hander, has a ton of resist and decent amount of armor with around 38k hp. I stacked magic resist, and have been farming butcher.

I use bloodthirst (3% lifesteal) and have another 5.1% from gear. Now if I hit for 12000 should I not be getting a 972 heal?

I've been watching my heals and doesn't seem to be working, or else it's just not showing up under display healing numbers.

Also, when i revenge a pack while I'm at 40% should I get healed for a crap load?

I'm not sure if I'm unaware of what this stat does, or if its capped, or perhaps it doesnt work. Anyone know more about this? I'm still easily clearning, I just want to replace the lifesteal item cost with strength or magic find if it indeed isnt working.

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20% effectiveness in inferno. If you hit for 10k with 8.1%, you heal 162. Life on hit is better, but life steal is better for aoe.
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so if I have 8.1% lifesteal, it's really only 1.62 in inferno? O,o
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It seems all form of 'heal based on damage' is reduced to 20% efficiency in Inferno, not just lifesteal only.

I used Dread Spear (Ancient Spear with heal for 60% of damage done), crit something for 40k (+190% crit damage .- .) and only got heal for about 5k...(I was below half and it barely bring me above half so it definitely wasn't from me being near full HP)

Life on hit is the new lifesteal, like it or not.

On the plus side, Bash-Onslaught count as 3 hits, meaning stacking life on hit and using that maybe the way to go for 2H barb now . . and attack speed...or just go DW and have another weapon with life on hit too...(with Emerald for massive crit...)

And crit-build with Marauder's Rage-Ploughshare (Pound of Flesh for massive heal from globe) doesn't work well with how expensive crit items are and only 5% chance per crit (so at 30% chance to crit you're looking at 1.5% globe per hit) and the need to run through enemies to pick up some globe (and using extra grab range means you can ends up wasting globes while full HP)
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