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Diablo 3 does not support video card


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I got Diablo 3 today and I went to log in and it said that my video card Intel (R) G45/G43 Express Chipset was not supported. I tried to find the unsupported list for video cards but I did not find this video card on either the unsupported list nor the supported list. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
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Millianna ,

I'm sorry, but it's not supported. The only Intel integrated video devices that are supported in Diablo III are those in the HD series.

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So, by buying the game and coming across this error, what are we to do? The game is pretty much useless from this point? Is there a way around this to enable us to play? Or are you implying we all should buy an updated video card to play your product?
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If your hardware doesn't meet the requirements to play, there are really only two choices. Upgrade the hardware or return the game. Upgrading hardware may not be feasible in the case of laptops of course.

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I've already activated the game, so how would I return it? I really don't want to purchase another video card since it's going to cost me more money.
Could I buy a new compatable video card and will insert it, will it work then?
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http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/D3supportedvideo has many listed but the Video card I have isn't listed specifically on the Supported or Unsupported.

Generally speaking, if the card is within a couple steps of a Supported would it still be Supported? Say since the GeForce GTX 550 is supported would my Geforce GT 520 be Supported? Mostly curious because i know its a fairly up to date card but i cant find it on the list.
I can confirm the GT 520 works, post patch too!

BTW, those with unsupported video cards can attempt to use this 3D analyzer to bypass D3 Video card check, I can't give you guys a guide on how to do it. But it just might do the trick.

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I was wondering if you can help me with the 3d analyzer bypass method you described. I have downloaded the file from the link above and all I have done is put Diablo launcher.exe in the "select" option and then tried to use "run." I don't fully understand how this program works so any help would be appreciated.
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blizzard, i swear, you guys are a awesome company, then yet the worst. I played D3 and kicks wanted to play it again, now i can't i guess because of my video card, but yet i played it before on my laptop no problem. why the change ?
No video cards that worked at release no longer work due to any changes in the game.

Posting your dxdiag info is the best way to get help with this so we can see what you have.


locate and alter D3Prefs.txt
DisableTrilinearFiltering "1"
HardwareClass "1"
DisplayModeWindowMode "1"

you may be able to login and play at 5-20 fps..

in anycase, solution:
return the game or return the laptop. that's for buying a underperforming laptop.. if you wanted a laptop for gaming, then buy one for gaming. (ie: powerful gpu as far as laptop standards go)


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