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Infernal Pony Land Worth it?

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Is the investment worth it? (Roughly 1.9mil to make) And is it easily farmable by a DH solo?
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I have 30k hp and roughly 55k dps right now.
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I currently am in Inferno act 1 and don't have the gold to make the hell version of the staff yet, but is it worth farming inferno or hell Whimsyshire?
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Clouds is your friend
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i also have this question but nobody has given a definitive answer

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I'm sure alot of people (including me) would like to know please :)
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That's all I farm lately, and I've cleared Inferno so I have access to everywhere.
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better than farming inferno aspects?
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I farmed nm for a 4-5 hours to get the hell staff, 100k per hour, 80-90 mf (so ~150 with nv maxed), 3 legendaries dropped, was it worth it, no. Even the beggining areas of inferno drop more gold and you have accsess to level 60 gear. Whimsy is the same as act 4 with a !@#$ load of chests. A good farm area to bridge the gaps between difficulties, a strong amount of mf, 200+, would make it worth more. Inferno would be fully worth the investment as you are opening act 4 chests every 5 steps.
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Yeah! I invest 1 million now! I hope i dont regret this. Plus its easy to get 5 stacks b4 going in there
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It is definatly worth it. The monster level is the same as act IV so the gear is the same quality, but there are a !@#$ton of chests. Clear out the place and get 5 valor then go on a chest spree.

The small corridors make for easy kiting however you don't have Tyreals help like you would farming on the Siege breaker quest in Act 3.

Even if you don't like the place it is only 1 mil, and with any luck you can make that back in a single run of it.
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Here's how I did it on Hell (which was worth it in the sheer amount of gold per hour).

Me and 4 friends got together and each of us put in ~125k to cover the 500k upgrade from nightmare to hell (I ate the 250k cost it took to get from normal to nightmare). We started on quest 10 in Act I. First we ported to the cemetery with the 3 defiled crypts (yes these areas will have elite packs in them). We cleared 1 or 2 of these crypts to build our nephelum buff to 5, then went into Whimsey with a full stack. Made our 125k and more back within an hour. Takes about 15 minutes to clear the area with a group of 4 fairly decently geared level 60's, clear your bags out, then reset.
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How geared do you need to be to run it?

WD currently at 11k DPS with 36k HP, 300-ish resist all.
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Yes, but you're too late to exploit it like everyone else.

How I did it on Inferno. I grabbed nephalem valor from act 1, stacked all mf items, created an impassable line at a choke point by dumping chest armors (they fixed the bug since), kited as much as I could to the choke point and proceeded to shoot fish in a barrel. Cleared the area in a couple minutes. Then I did it again for a couple hours before I got bored/disillusioned with D3 and Blizzard.

No equipment needed then, though the better the bow, the less time you needed to shoot.
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