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Hell/Inferno Build Post SS Nerf

I have a level 58 demon hunter and was wondering what would be a viable solo build now that SS has been nerfed and seems to be broken as mobs can still see you even when you're using it.
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Smoke Screen is still the most useful defensive ability we have because it's still basically an automatic dodge that we can use in the most critical situations and it also breaks us out of disabling effects. It's still wise to have it on your bar.

The cookie cutter DH build for Inferno is Hungering Arrow with Devouring Arrow, Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles, Smoke Screen with Lingering Fog, and Preparation with Backup Plan or Battle Scars.

For the other two skills, choose from Companion with Bat, Spike Trap with Bandolier or Scatter, Caltrops with Tortuous Ground, or Rain of Vengeance with Stampede or Flying Strike.

For passives, always use Steady Aim, and then choose between Sharpshooter, Archery, Tactical Advantage, and Nightstalker for your other two depending on your equipment and skill choices and which areas you plan to be running.

There are some other successful builds, and there are specific applications where certain other skills work very well, but those are the most common skills DH's are using at level 60.
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Vaidency is correct. However, I'd consider adding Vault as an option for the other two skills, probably with the no cost/add CD rune.

I just finished Act 1 Inferno and downed Maghda in Act 2. (Totally looking forward to Belial...)

I'm currently running: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRXVTd!aYe!YcZcZY

I do like the speed buff from Tactical Advantage, and since I have both SS and Vault it sees plenty of use.
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All most to diablo in hell, most will hate on my skills, but it's what I like using. Won't know about inferno till I get there.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. Will definitely try out the skill builds and see which one fits me the best.
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Yeah i feel battle scars would be good at lower difficulty, but probably isnt gonna help you at all when mobs start to 1 to 2 shot you in inferno.
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05/26/2012 01:49 AMPosted by Sinew
Battle scars on Prep? Why? 60% hp is going to do nothing for you. Back up plan or Focused mind will give you more discipline over time, which is far more important for survival than anything else.
If your referring to me, it's just basically an additional health potion, most of my health and energy was geared around the health globes with a high heal rate. Kill enemies from a far with chakram, whatever gets close dies to the fan, kite what ever is left.
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i guess for bosses b-scars would work.

Ive been using MfD with grim rune in hell. I do notice more damage. its nice to just pop one on a pack or group of mobs.
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What exactly is the chance on the Night Stalker passive?
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Everytime you land a crit i guess as stated in the tooltip.
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05/26/2012 03:24 AMPosted by Narandel
Everytime you land a crit i guess as stated in the tooltip.

No. He's asking what the chance is, because it doesn't proc every crit.

If you read it closely, it says that every crit has a chance to give you disc.
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05/26/2012 01:17 AMPosted by Vaidency
For the other two skills, choose from Companion with Bat, Spike Trap with Bandolier or Scatter, Caltrops with Tortuous Ground, or Rain of Vengeance with Stampede or Flying Strike.

why no vault? it can be an incredible escape move, dodge or gap opener
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Vengeance is also quite nice due to getting back discipline from health orbs.
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The answer is tactical advantage imo. Been smashing out act 2 killed all elites with very few deaths.

I have recently made changes to my gear and build from 45k+ dps (without sharpshooter) to ~30k dps. Dropped around 250 dex, 5% crit chance and steady aim to get 52k hp and 300 physical resist. I do not get 1 or even 2 shot in act 2 inferno.

Damage focused build:


New solo build:

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