I opened a ticket explaining how I accidently duped a rare one handed sword, I sold the duplicate to the NPC.

This is the ticket

accidently duped item in diablo 3

Basically used the auction house as normal and there was quite some lag on the AH servers. As i put an item called strife nexus a rare one handed sword for sale the request timed out but then nothing was working couldn't recieve money from trades so I logged out and back in and then realised the item was actually up for sale BUT i still had the item in my stash.

I do not want a repeat of Diablo 2 and people lagging the server to exploit this so please patch it asap, one thing that seems to work, I thought I would experiment more I could not put the sword in my stash up for sale as there is probably an item code conflict get error auction faled error 31072.

However I am wondering if people were lagging the AH servers on purpose and duping items and I was just there at the wrong time. At any rate didn't take long.