Diablo® III

Americas Region Service Issues - 5/15 *Update


from California PST, bought the game at 1930, installed/configured (and created battle.net diablo 3 acct) for 30 min and I CAN'T play the game now LOL

Ironically, this is pretty bad customers/fans experience such a customer just bought Diablo 3 game for $59.99 and CAN'T play the game..

F5 Load Balancing and/or DNS issue on D3 servers??? I feel pretty bad that I just bought the game and CAN'T even play for the last 90 minutes!
eta = sometime in the next 24 - 72 hrs..
Whats with the rollback stuff too? I got some sick weapons from a boss, got dc'd, came back in and the boss was dead but the items were gone.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Well, at least Bashiok is here listening to us. Great game besides the servers exploding!
Thank you for dispensing with the arbitrary ETAs. If you don't know, I'd rather you just not say.
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05/15/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Deuy
Do we have any eta on the servers going back up? Not to whine, but I didn't buy the game to play for 3 hours then just have a pretty icon on my desktop.

You bought an online only game at launch day.

You are either:
1, A Troll.
2, Completely new to online gaming.
Dont worry guys, Europe and Asia servers have had very little problems!

Let's all keep in mind that Blizzard will learn from their mistakes, and next time try to do a long beta with lots of testing, or maybe even an open beta test to stress the servers.
An ETA would at least let me sleep...
Why does this just keep happening in NA region. Wasn't this foreseen with pre-sale records.
I'm getting error 3003 as well, and I'm playing from Australia. Maybe we use the american servers? /shrug
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Blizzard US service is NO good .. euro servers no problems running fine ... Blizzard can't get it right for it own people. Sad day when Euro is better at computers . Good thing Jobs is gone an Gates is retired // only people that made products that work.
I just feel like us Americans were not given as much priority when it came to the quality of our game as the Europeans and Asians were. I mean, they aren't having any problems right now, most of the problems have been stateside. Go figure.
have they just packed it in for the day?

edit: kicked me out round 8, can't log in error: 3003 or w/e it happens to be since then, playing hardcore
Edited by RogerAcewell#1289 on 5/15/2012 9:39 PM PDT
Getting old.
Keep trying randomly, played a total of 29 minutes before I was kicked off today.
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