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Americas Region Service Issues - 5/15 *Update


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Geez, guys, go play another one of your billion games for a few minutes and quit your whining.

Wrong. Guess what, Blizz pumped this game so hard for the past 3 years of devel. A lot of us have waited 10 years to play this. Don't tell people to play another game. We are here because we wanted to play this.
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this is, what, the third time, fourth time the servers have been acting up today? i hope this is fixed tomorrow, that's my last day off for like 2 weeks...
Once I was able to login in yesterday I didn't encounter any server issues. I played for over 5 hours with no issues. So I'm not entirely sure what the problem is exactly...
you do realize 2nite is not the only night you get to play this game... you all have many years to grind every class till your bored.. get mad when u have to wait another 12 years b4 diablo 4... relax.. they are trying to fix it!
Blizz, let us play...European server is up but US servers are down.....nice...

hurry up pl0x! i wanna pwn nubs.
Dude... DO you not remember the WOW launch originally? OR any other MMO? THey all do this!
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Anyone who thinks that Blizzard's neglect is the reason the North American servers are going down instead of intense demand above and beyond that of the European and Asian servers should probably go take a long walk and think about what they've done.
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Anyway to voice complaints besides forums?
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ETA? by any chance?
Great to see an update of when this will be fixed... oh wait "when its ready" getting sick of blizzards !@#$.
Managed to log 4-6 hours today. Loved it!
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I got a question for you guys. Are the servers going to be back up tonight or should we all just go to bad and hope that tomorrow we can play all day with no interruptions???
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I remember you from the old battle.net website moderating the Diablo 2 forums:)
Lets just get the servers patched so that we can stop chomping at the bit and play!
Asian and european server are working ...
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