Diablo® III

For all QQs out there


Dear everyone

It's been around a day since the launch
I know that everyone is dying to play, and that includes me

There's been lot of problems since the launch,
I understand all your frustration which justifies all the complaints
but let's just think for a moment before making any harsh comments.

This is just based on my opinion and logic,,
All criticisms are welcome and I dont intend to start a fight
and please excuse my language coz Eng aint my 1st language.

1) Connection Issue
I know this is the main issue driving everybody nuts atm

-> u all must understand that US server has the 'highest' traffic

I dunno if it's because US is the home server and offers the most language variety or wat.
Thousands of people from countries without official launch will be trying to play in US server.

I bet not even the best server available in the market will be able withstand this kind of insane amount of connections from 'all over the world' at the same time.

I currently in Korea, but Im trying to play US version mainly for the language
since they only support Korean language for Korean client,, I feel that the whole tranlation is,, kinda out of tone..

Im sure Blizzard is working really hard to resolve this problem
So all I can say is let's be paitient until the server stablizes

2) Please support offline single play!

This is a nono for many reasons in my opinion

1. Copy right issue

I dunno if any of u guys are fans of torrent (coz i am :D)
but u'd notice that newly released PC games will be hacked
like days, or even hours after its release!

I dont want this happening to diablo
and we all should support blizzard so they can keep making awesome games as they are doing now.

2. Auction house

This honestly benefits everyone to trade their items.. make golds and get gears etc
I know many ppl would say that they can live without this feature but i bet u all want ur characters to mean something after hours of playthrough and still be able to play with friends and trade items online using that character
if they let offline play,, there'll just be all kinds of editors, trainers etc
which kind of ruins all the fun from gameplay and other systems

They didn need this in starcraft 2 because it's not a rpg
and doesn have any character variation or valuable items in it
everyone will basically get the same thing out of their single play.

this is abit off topic,
but for those QQing that blizz is trying to make money out of real money AH,,
Yes, they may make profit out of it
But I think this is 'the' thing that will make gaming "productive" for hardcore gamers
and for casual players who doesnt wanna spend hours and hours farming items
I honestly think that this is the future of gaming
There's always been gaming black markets for gold and items
I am really glad Blizzard is making it 'official' and take out all the hassles and scams
Anw we're all adults and we all have power to decide on whether to use this or not so..
I dont see much problem in it.

Anyways,, public places nowadays all have wifi
and playing in public without internet is really 'wat if' situation.
we'll certainly not be playing in plane or while traveling..
and tbh, playing computer games in public,, isn really a nice scene

3) Gameplay

Well i think it's abit too early to say whether it's a good or bad sequel
or saying new systems fail or not
Only time will tell and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

there's been a huge anticipation for Diablo 3 and
Like me, im sure everybody is having a doubt in there mind like
"will it really live up to its expectation and I really havin fun"
it's just basic human nature

I played diablo 2 without any expectation and it was magical
I am not really 'loving' the gameplay so far
but I would like to have more in-game experience before making any judgement.

anyways, to wrap it up
I think the saddest thing you can do is to complain and curse the game
and end up playing for hours and days
So before making any kinds of shameful contradictions
let's all be paitent and 'enjoy' the game which is like the whole point of playin :D
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05/15/2012 09:54 PMPosted by BigNTasty
Shut up. I pay $60 for a game I want to play it.
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05/15/2012 09:55 PMPosted by illegible86
It looks like it's structured to be poetic.

I would have given you internets if it rhymed...
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05/15/2012 09:55 PMPosted by Levrion
Shut up. I pay $60 for a game I want to play it.

Go cry to your mommy and ask for another $60. ;)
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