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reason for no offline play mode

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COMPLETELY removed from multiplayer.

*Multipler is the exact same as it is right now. Characters are stored on their servers.
*Singleplayer is how D2 used to be. Characters on the computer.

Have it so multiplayer characters can be moved to singleplayer, but singleplayer characters cannot be moved to multiplayer.

So basically like it was for Diablo 2.

Except that having the critical data for Diablo 2 available so the single player game worked the same as online made it that much easier for hacks and bots to be developed for the content, since they could be built and tested in a way that ensured they could not be countered until they showed up online in a ready and working state.

What you in particular are asking for is exactly the way D2 works and the online security for Diablo 2 was terrible thanks in part (but not entirely) to all the critical data having to be client side so offline single player worked.
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They dont allow offline mode because then the coding behind the game mechanics will be available for hackers to study and work around. Online only means that a large portion of the very complex coding of the game is hidden from the public, which makes it much harder for hackers.
Sure, people will eventually find a way around it, as they do in many MMORPGs, but it's much easier to deal with.
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All I can say is that, I wish I knew what I was getting myself into ... What I was actually buying.
Perhaps it was advertised somewhere, but I genuinely had no idea it was an online only game.
I just assumed the online component was a matter of Registering/Logging in and for Multiplayer purposes - Not the whole freaking game being online.
This in it self is bad enough - But the fact that this whole strategy has clearly backfired is just a big F.U. from Blizzard to its Customers.
When people buy something they rightly expect to be able to use it and for it to work.
Being forced to wait in a server cue means I am denied the right to use a product that I have paid for.
In Short Diablo 3 is a Very good game... When it works
- Which should be All of the time. Not just Some of the time.
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Saw a funny picture about piracy the other day.

There was an Aussie who went to buy Split Second form a store, However its only retailed in America, he then went to buy it from the online store, however its only sold online for South America, He then ended up at ThePirateBay, where the game was easy to get, and free!

Its not that a lot of Aussies pirate games because we don't want to buy them, ITS BECAUSE WE CANNOT.
Or on the off chance we can. We get rapped by the market, end up having to play on servers over 9000km away, and for some reason can't play (To my knowledge) One of the most looked forward to single player games, that we have been waiting for for 12 years.
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I think we all know that Torchlight 2 is the real winner here. ;-p
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Once again it just comes down to money thanks a lot blizzard instead of making your customers happy you focus on how your can buy a 4th home, we have been forced to wait 12 years for the game to come out then the severs were down multiple time for maintenance and thats not even going into the amount of lag that everyones getting from playing it on there own, not everyone wants to play muiltipler. Stores dont even offer refunds to the game because is activated online. lets hope they dont make diablo 4 because they will just do the same thing. worst game of the year.
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Have to love Reddit.
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i would like to play D3 offline and if you like to play online you should be made to start from the beginning.

ps i would be playing the game now. Not getting Error 3003.
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So like everyone else I had issues with login on the first day and I was ready to march my shiny new barbarian down to the server rooms where the Diablo 3 team were undoubtedly working hard to fix the problem. Yes they probably should have been more prepared for the launch day knowing that what was likely millions of people had already pre-ordered the game. But they slipped up. IT HAPPENS, what's important is they've fixed it.

I've not had a problem since about 11pm on the first day and I'm willing to guess that further problems will be few and far between. As for it not meeting your expectations...Its a cut and slash game...both one and two were how is it that this similar style game play isn't living up to these expectations?

You're all whining about offline game play. What internet connection are you using to post these comments? You say that you happy having an authentication server which means that you need to connect to the internet anyway. So really what difference does it make? Blizzard have assumed that most people that are going to play have an internet connection and rightfully so.

Personally besides the problem on the first day (which have now been resolved) I'm hugely satisfied with the game. If you lot have let a minor hiccup in game upset you this much I seriously think you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life.
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@Malinko - What difference does it make? Other than the fact that having copious lag while playing SINGLE PLAYER completely destroys the experience of the game. I don't know about you, but not everyone can have a perfectly stable internet connection. Not everyone has servers in their own country.

Don't get me wrong, I think the game is fantastic, but the need for a constant and stable internet connection is ruining it for me, especially when I'm firing off arrows but they don't appear then I get 3007
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Why shouldn't they try and prevent piracy of their IP? Of course they want to make money, they are a company not a charity.

I'm willing to bet I could do a Google search right now and get a pirate version of the game, that's the problem with battling piracy it only ever punishes the customers.

And I've already purchased their game if they allowed us to host games ourselves they wouldn't need to maintain servers.

your right, but i'm also willing to bet that the pirate version doesn't have the same AI.
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If they made a single player mode separate from multiplayer, the majority of people would be over on it. Leaving little amounts of people on multiplayer and RMAH which would be less money generated for them. If they are to keep the game updated and make more content/expansions they need to generate money. The game was so cheap to buy to start with, IIRC D2 was more expansive to buy and that was 12 years ago.

I understand peoples frustration on the server issues atm, in a week or so when they are all ironed out, people will realize this is best.

Happy gaming..
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No non capisco
what is singleplayer about diablo3? Because you play alone you call it singleplayer?
Do you guys know what the term "singleplayer" means?
Diablo3 is friggin multiplayer, even my grandma knows that, so, please get your heads off your asses
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i think they need too take a leaf from the runescape book.
Yes there are quite a few hacks/spams/bots floating around, but with the amount of people that play/used to play, the % of those said h/s/b were very low compared to players.
Not to mention that any county that got over 2500 people playing almost automaticaly recieved their own server.
And that their downtime is only once every 6months or so (even from the start). Makes blizzards attempts to me seam quite shoddy and crap in comparison.
In reality all that these downtimes are telling us is that there wasnt enough testing done before the game was launched.
I myself would also like a SP mode where you can battle your way through the campain
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Okay, if you want me play online, fine, give me a good server, and you should coz you have my 90AUD already
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well problem is the servers can not handle it, so the game lags for everyone. Hard to play, fustration and annoying comes to effect and then people will not play. Blizzard loses out even more when everyone complians, tells friends etc.. dont buy the game not worth the money because you cant play it properlly. Hmm as i see they want to use the AH to cover server costs, wont work. If the servers wont work and run the game properlly people wont use the AH anyway. Think about it blizzard people bought a rock for 60 dollars, do you think they going to buy imaginary pixels.
Serious they could have made a single player disc and a multiplayer disc, in effect its the consumers choice how they want to play. You still can have an online security log in to help with so called hacks, spams and copying.
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