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Aye, getting the same problem, i got my first 3007 error while in a fight, then when i loaded back up and started the level over again, i got about halfway through searching the area when it happened again, then after another boot up and log in, i had a full inventory, ran back to town and started to sell, but guess what, Error 3007. So 3 error 3007 all on the same level but at different points. Waiting some 11/12 years for the game then paying out $60+ for the game only to be let down like this. BTW, i could not install the game until Blizzard told me to disable all processes in msconfig and all processes in startup. Could this be an issue with error 3007 as they are all restarted when i reboot after installation.
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I tried changing the DNS to OpenDNS or Google locally on my iMac and works fine ONLY if I change it locally. I changed the DNS server on my ROUTER to OpenDNS (, instead of my ISP's and I had my router IP configured as my DNS server locally on my iMac and this does NOT work. Either way, it's something that Blizzard did because it was working completely fine for most people earlier. Blah...
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I think Error 3007 is finally gone. Last night I just joined a chat room and I wasn't typing anything nor anyone was posting on the chat but I didn't get Error 3007.. :)
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I personally am not having this issue myself, but a good friend of mine is. He looked through the forums and support through this site and has tried everything posted throughout. With me being a little more verse in fixing computers, I looked at the issue myself. My friend said that for the first two weeks that the server was live everything was fine. It wasn't until the hotfix that he started having problems. It is really hard for me to tell if this issue is directly related to something on blizzards end or not. I loged into my account on my friend's computer and was having the same issue. This verifies that it is definately not an account issue. I turned off all the firewalls (router, os, etc.) and the problem still persisted. It was my thought then that it could be something to do with the installation, but a re-installation did not fix the problem either. I double and triple checked for all the latest and greatest drives for all the hardware on the pc, and everything is up to date.

One thing I did noitice was that he is running a pretty old model of both router and modem. I then updated the firmware in the router and it seemed to help, but not solve the issue. Although I was hesistant that it would since the most up to date firmware for the router was in 2008. He is not disconnecting as often, but he is still disconnecting. I am not really sure if Blizzard will make a change tomoorw that will fix this issue or not, but if not my suggestion is to try replacing the router and modem with a newer model. I will post again with results.
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Yea F***, what the hell, I've spent an hour and a half over the last few days trying to make get this working, and nothing.
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i am still getting this error... like clock work about every 90 minutes.
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