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i have been having the same problems all day... god i would really just like to play the game
thats all ... why can't they just make it an offline game, they've got billions of dollars, someone, somewhere is eventually gonna screw with things and try to make a pirated version, its BOUND to happen, 10 years... patiently waiting... 10 years of hoping that they're claims of "oh were not gonna have any launch issues THIS time" were going to be true, i have seriously went through the five stages of grief with blizzard:

denial... i was like "no way... this can't be happening i just paid this much for all these problems??? no way"

anger... i was like "this is f@ck!ng bull#*it! i just paid this much for all this agrivation!!! are u kidding me!?!?!??!??"

bargaining.. i was like "look just give me the offline version... please?? i paid for the game why can't i have what i paid for???"

depression... "there never gonna fix this are they?? they're just gonna keep blaming it on us, blaming it on everything else, this sux..... this really sux..."

acceptance..."yep they screwed me... totally screwed me... thank you so very much blizzard for showing me that i can't trust anyone, and i am going to have to start actually reading the EULA terms and conditions, so i know i am not wasting my money on something, but yep... you got me... me and thousands and thousands of other people, its not right, its not fair, but you pulled it off, all i can do is sit here and hope that you one day have your heart grow maybe 3 times its size and decide to fix it, because yes, i accept it... you got me on this one, i hate you for it and wont buy another game from you ever again i don't think, unless something is done and something is reimbursed to me and my fellow gamers. Ah but that's crazy talk isn't it... sigh... yes it is, to you Blizzard it will be forever our faults and you have done nothing wrong have you, of course not, we signed for it to be this way, we accepted that we would just go along with you stealing our money and making something that doesn't work on purpose just so we could give you 60 bucks... and please if any of this isn't true and you decide to see reason, i really would love to know about it and have some faith in humanity restored... some faith in your company restored, i've been playing your games as long as any other starcraft, diablo, wow, warcraft fan out there has been, if you ever get to read this you mythical deity sitting behind your business "throne" find it in your cold black greedy heart to give us products that we have PAID for to us fully functional and making sure that they are what you said they were, and no... not a scammer scumbag's "fine print" version of what you're selling, but the actual thing that we THOUGHT we were buying. i don't think that its something to much to ask.... you've made a ton of money, and i am sure that its waaaaay more than a ton in weight if it were all in cash...just could you please, please for the love of humanity, decency, honor, and integrity... please fix my game? fix our game?

thank you in advance (however many years)
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Yea pretty odd the entire world seems to be getting this error... but apparently its our fault... Just like it was our fault that the servers couldn't handle opening night last night. I've gotten 30 minutes of decent playing time in yesterday morning. Starting to regret buying this game already which is sad because it looks like it might be enjoyable... if I could play for more then 3 minutes.
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Reporting 3007 errors here, too.

They're not quite as frequent as they were during the late morning/early afternoon of the 15th when I first started trying to play, but still continue to pop up and prevent any serious attempt at playing.

Also, just REupdated my drivers just in case, even though they were updated about a week ago. Didn't make a bit of difference.
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same for me and I pain. Like wtf i can't play more then 3 min WTF BLIZZARD WTF
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I'm convinced this is a server problem. Yesterday afternoon I had a lot of trouble with error 3007. I clocked my disconnections at an average of five minutes. Last night I was able to play four hours. I got disconnected thrice during that time span. This morning and this afternoon the same problem crept up again. Toss in some lag and ugh.

I am from the Philippines and I found that gameplay on my character in the Americas server was better than on a similar character in the Asia server last night. This leads me to believe that it is something just as simple as congestion (perhaps they are cycling through users?).

Also since this error is related to being in a party, it might be useful to add that I was playing cooperative mode during those four hours of mostly uninterrupted play.
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I too am having the same 3007 error issues as everyone else, I can be out side of a town for 30-40 min then get kicked, if I am in a town I get kicked after exactly 1 minute no matter what I do. This is not on our end, and someone at Blizzard needs to at least say they are looking into it and not blame it on being a problem on our end. There are seriously like 10 threads by now with 3-100 pages on them, depending on how recent they are, of people with the same dang problem. This is annoying, I can understand it is launch day and all, I'm just asking that someone say "hey we will get that fixed asap." Is that really too much to ask for?
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Error 3007 yet again, that is six times since the server went back online.
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Same same.

Was able to play for half an hour unit I went to the town and boom 3007!

If this would be like this at my work (I work in financial IT for an investment bank) we would have lost billions by now. Sadly Blizzard still earns money with those faults.
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well since my last post a gentleman's half hour ago... boom 3007, if thats really any surprise... and thank god i just past a check point....
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Game is good when I'm not getting "removed from the server" thanks.

I can play at 5-15 minute intervals, Yes this is frustrating and disappointing.

"sorry it's not you it's me" would also be an appropriate response from Blizzard.

Thank you.
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If you don't go in combat after 1min, you will disconnect. This make watching cutscene and exploring the town/talking to npc impossible to enjoy.
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anyone else useing the 2wire 4011g modem/router? had issues with FFXI with this router too
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I have disconnected during combat also. Tried everything.
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05/16/2012 02:28 AMPosted by Lordcalven
anyone else useing the 2wire 4011g modem/router? had issues with FFXI with this router too

I've read a LOT of these Error 3007 threads and I have seen all sorts of Modem/Routers, so its definitely not one particular model. Mine is a NettComm NB6Plus4W.
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how to solve error 3007???
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so im thinking that the 3007 error is actually part of the game??!? is it there to test me and see how many times i will be stupid enough to log back in?

Just want to say thanks Blizzard for finally creating a game that is so frigging challenging and frustrating - and thats just to log in and stay in the game for more than 5 minutes, I cant wait to actually play D3 at some stage
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STILL AUTHENTICATING. I really have nothing better to do.
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I get a 316704 - Party not ready (even though I'm playing singleplayer) followed by 3007
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I get kicked out of the game every 15 min from 3007 error, no matter where I am (in town or out of town).

Why is this game having so much problems? I also noticed some occasional lags, it cannot be my hardware as I am running i7-2600k, 16GB or RAM and two Geforce gtx570 cards running SLI. Is it because the network is slow?

Anyway, please fix the 3007 problem as this is rendering the game unplayable.

Why not just do what Dragon age did by using DRM only when you try to log into the game, then you can play offline mode? This is not fair, I have paid 138 dollars (in Australia here) for the collectors edition and I can't even play the game for more than 15 min. Come on now...
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torchlight 2?
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