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This is really chapping my hide too. My husband and I are both having the problem. I connect to Battle.net just fine in WOW (though even that is a bit slow not that Diablo3 is out) so I fail to see what my ports etc, etc, etc have to do with it. I hope a fix is coming soon. I love the game, now if I could only PLAY it.
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yeah, joining general chat worked for me also. freaking odd way to fix, but /shrug, whatever works :P
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It actually helped me as well :) Strange
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Any chance they"ll fix it in the next update?
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Tonight was the first time I was able to play for hours without constant 3007 disconnects.

I made sure port 1119 TCP/UDP was forwarded to my IP in the router, and then also joined the 'general' chat (on the lower left when you join or start a game). After that....no disconnects. After I stopped for a while, I tried again without joining the chat channel....and was punted within 10 minutes. Tonight I joined the chat channel again and played for hours without disconnect.

Give it a try. I can't explain why, but it's preventing me from being disconnected.
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I'm rather disappointed that Blizzard has yet to recognize that this problem is on their end. I have quite a bit of computer savvy myself, and after going through the equivalent of technological gyrations and one-handed backsprings, I'm still perpetually removed from the game and then disconnected from Battlenet via the 3007 error. Blizzard, please note the volume of players experiencing this problem, and add it to your list of "to dos" some time in the near future. I'm only concerned that your staff doesn't even recognize this as a bona-fide issue, despite the persistence of this pernicious problem.
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day 3 now and no game play wtf blizz just take ppls hard earned money just to sit on the sign in page for 4 days now mmmm nice scam i want some free stuff or maybe get my d2 accounts back up come on do something for this is frustrating as hell
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Still getting 3007 at login screen. I managed to play all day yesterday, so it's something that has changed since the rolling restarts and maintenance. Please fix the servers!!!
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Cant play for more than 10 mins. without error 3007-----doesnt matter where I am in the game....trouble-shot...problem is def. not on my end.......very frustrated.
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Another voice for 3007 at login screen. Seems like they changed the timeout window since the rolling restarts.
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same... no issues until randomly today i get kicked off 3007...
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Been having this problem too the past few days, it wouldn't happen too often, but still did.

This morning, it's happening every 2-3 minutes. I can't even play a game. =/
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05/17/2012 07:41 AMPosted by JPReggae
At the moment the ONLY solution (works perfectly) is to join a "Public chat"

Thank you! This seems to be working for me. 30mins in now.
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Just got booted again, Error 3007
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If you guys are just getting this error for the first time today. One of the most successful tips i've seen since this mess started, is to log in, and on your character selection screen, click on "General Chat" in the bottom left hand corner.

This will put you into general chat, for some reason or another being in general chat for many people helps out 3007. It maintains a continuous stream of information, which somehow maintains a steady connection.

Now granted, you may feel as though you're back in Barrens chat, but you'll be playing!
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I kept track... and 4 of the 5 times I was kicked out WAS IN TOWN!!!!

SO GET CRACKING on the issue- I think others will tell you they see it in town as well.... (acts1 still)
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again the same problems with error 3007 and the problems is not your modem or rooter .. im playing with my friend at my home and my friend can play good with no error !!! so what is the problems ?? i tryed to resolve my config via my computer but the same problems again .. error 3005 - 3007 ..... so many people have the problems error 3007 but what about the error 3005 ???

i have a new computer HP intel core i7 , graphic card A1 , link card is A1 , modem (new) rooter ( new ) and all seted up

so i dont think the problems become from player home or something like that
sorry about my english im so bad .. thanks !
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Game has played fine for me until this morning...I am starting to lose count of how many times Error 3007 has dropped me from Act 2 this morning....frustrating to say the least. Has happened in Town...in a dungeon...and in the wilderness....very random. I just love having my map reset every time I log back in....really missing the offline single player mode from D2...I know, don't go there, but just saying. :)
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