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Did anyone else purchase the steel series D3 mouse. I plugged mine it and it worked fine while D3 was installing. Read instructions with the mouse and went to the SS website to download the instructed download for the mouse....The mouse stopped working and now has the center led, above the cpi button, blinking........Any advise.....please help
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That sucks, I hope you can get it working!
Did you install the official software for it? If so, note that sometimes they recommend that you install software before plugging in the mouse. Otherwise, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

If you try some simple troubleshooting and find that it still doesn't work, you should contact Steelseries about it... The mouse is obviously very new, so I am sure they can replace it for you if needed.
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From SteelSeries Support

1. Refer to the picture in the link below and make sure that you are not plugged in to any of these places. The USB 3.0 port is OK to use but try using both a 3.0 port and 2.0 port. Since 3.0 provides more power, it may be the better alternative.

NOTE: If you do plan to change ports, first uninstall the SteelSeries Engine with the devices plugged into their original ports that you had them plugged into during installation.

2. Make sure that your USB devices are set to be powered up at all times and that any power saving features are turned off.
Please refer to this thread for further information (steps 1 & 2 apply for all Windows OS, step 3 is ONLY for windows 7 users):

3. Kill the SteelSeries engine process (steps below)
a) ctrl-alt-del -> processes tab
b) Find SteelSeriesEngine.exe and select 'end process'

4. Download the following tool, right click -> run as administrator -> run the fix for your product

If it still doesn't work, try the FW Upgrade on another computer.
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@meehow2p I love you thanks for fixing my mouse you are the best!
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I suggest a steel series mouse pad

i love this thing!
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Thank you very much, that worked out.
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at 11 % i always get cannot open bootloader device doesn't matter which version
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03/12/2013 08:16 AMPosted by Samsoniteous
at 11 % i always get cannot open bootloader device doesn't matter which version

Have you fixed your issue?
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im still havint this issue demigod my moue gets stuck to 11% then just says failed to bootloader blah blah so frusterating
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@Psychpally did u fix it? Im having the same problem
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did you guys found a way to fix this, same problem here, tried everything, it already happened once a few months ago and could fix it by deleting every steel series engine file and reinstalling on mac. but that solution is not working now.. any help? thanks
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I have the same problem at 11% now my mouse wont work. :(
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all right guys i had the same problem at the moment and i found a way to fix it,for those who have the steel serie engine programe there is an update tools. i was crashing at 11%, unplug it then click again they gonna ask you to make sure the mouse is plugged.then retry it should work. if it dosnt work im sorry but i cant help more.
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this is ridculous,.. it had a good life span of 2 years ? sad.... this is a pos Mouse.
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