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The game connection has been lost;

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"The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected from the server"
No error numbers, booted back to the character screen after 5-10 minutes in game. Cant make any progress in missions before I am booted. The game worked fine on launch day (all other server problems considered) but now it is having this problem nonstop.

Information about my connection:
1. Wired or wireless? Wired connection
2. Firewall software? Windows firewall with D3 exception
3. Antivirus software? Microsoft Security Essentials (disabled real-time protection)
4. Internet Security software? None
5. Network Card Model? Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
6. Router Model? No router. Direct connection to modem.
7. Modem Model? Cisco model# DPC2325
8. ISP? Charter (east coast usa)

Using an fairly new Asus g74 laptop with minimal things installed on it. Windows 7.

Things I have tried without success:
1. Command prompt: ipconfig /flushdns
2. Forwarded port 1119 on modem
3. Disabled firewall
4. Disabled antivirus
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This problem seems to be fixed so far. Been in game for 45 minutes and passed the area I was stuck on for the last day due to the problem.

The only thing I did was:
Log out, on main menu go to options > account, change location to europe. then log in. Now log out and changed back to american servers. Since then I have had no problems, but I don't know if its because of what I did, or perhaps server tech guys fixed a problem around the same time.

So if you are still having the same problem, try logging into the europe servers and then back out, and into the american servers. Hope it is fixed now! Fingers crossed for the next mission.
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Scratch that. Disconnected again on the next mission. Did last about 30 minutes though! :(
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Having this exact same problem.
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Been having the same problem for the past 24 hours now. Reset my modem and router, reset my pc. Opened all necessary ports and the problem persists. Help
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got the same problem last five hours... pls heeeeeeeeelp!!!
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Me too!
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I have the same problem! WTF! Did all the thing with routers and anti viruses....same !@#$....play 5 min and booom out....all over again! Thanks a lot blizzard
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Getting this too. Playing on my monk and suddenly dc'd again. It's not every 5mins but more like once every 10 to 15. Then after a bit I get error 3007 and get logged out... maybe my error is different.
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Oh i didn't see this thread or i wouldn't of started my own. But ya i get the same issue. Though i played an alt with no problem. it only happens to my barbarian main in act 2 and only "seems" to happen in dungeons. Not sure if any of that is relevant.

But ya i played an alt for an hour and a half in act 1 with no issues, but my main i cant go 20 mins without that disconnect message.
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This has been happening non stop to my barbarian today, it was fine before maintenance this morning.
It's very annoying. :|
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Had the same issues as well.........only difference is that it went a step further and they sync to my modem/router gateway connection was also disconnected for a handful of minutes as well
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Same problem here
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Its something with the server, not you
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i'm having the same problem for the past 3 hours. the error message usually pop out in 15mins - 20mins. can any mods please help.
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yeah same problem i can play for like 10 min with my barb in act 2, act 1 worked good. this has been going on for the last 24 hours
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blizzard any suggestions or feedback??
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All barb players: Switch to an other attack than whirlwind and you should be able to play.
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This just started happening to me.... this sux.
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