Diablo® III

The game connection has been lost;

still having problems
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Im also having this issue. Bad too. 15 disconnects in one hour. I cant get anywhere. I had this issue in the beta and it cleared up one day. Then I didn't have it in retail...until now. Worst D3 problem out there. Im to the point where I want a refund. It is so disappointing to work hard on an area only to be randomly disconnected and have to replay the same area over and over and dying the whole time.
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I've been playing the game fine..... Now all of a sudden I'm having this issue. WTH?
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I'm having this problem now as well and it wasn't happening before. Can play for 20 minutes or so then just disconnects. Depending on certain times of the day I can play without any issues if lucky. Checked my router and firewall and everything seems to be normal on that end. Have a slow connection here, but surely I shouldn't be disconnected so frequently. Anyone have any solutions to this problem. Files I should delete or something?
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I have been having this problem as well.

I would be getting no lag, stuttering, and the game runs just fine then I would get hit with the disconnect window with no error code.

It boots me back to the character lobby screen and if I am solo I can resume the game.
However when it resumes the game it takes a while to get started.

If I am in a group when I try to resume after getting disconnected I get an error window pop up. Error 39500. When I try and click resume After getting kicked to the lobby during these group games the group members who are still inside the game also get an error pop up but they get to stay in the game. At this point I have to restart the game to be able to join again.

This has been happening since Friday the 29th. I was able to play without this issue since beta. Now it just appeared out of no where.
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OK It started with really bad bouts of lag. . . then I am chatting in general, then go to do something with my character, and all I can do with her is run around .. . nothing works . can't cast, can't use anythinig, can't use the interface, nothing.

This is like a long DC in WoW . .where you can run around but nothing else in the game is happening.

I started to say something in chat, then I got error 3006.

Now, I might be able to log on, I might be able to get to my character, and get it to load up . . . but all I can do is run around nothing else works.

I have completely closed down and restarted the game several times.

I still cannot do anything with my character at all except run around in circles.
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Logged in, immediately booted from game. This time there was no lag, however. Just directly booted from the game with the connection lost error. As stated, this wasn't happening before a few days ago. Now, I can't play anymore. Do I need to refresh the cache or whatever that thingy is? Why hasn't this recent problem been addressed yet?
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I've tried refreshing the DNS cache and it doesn't seem to solve this problem.
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this is the same issue i have...
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Same Issue, no other games are affected been happening more frequently today and im on a 10 meg 1 meg up connection.
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yes me too
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So apparently blizzard did something with their game today. SIGH
Randomly getting connection has been lost today. Not fun.
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#195 Disconnect every 30 mins, internet lags since first play...
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I just started having this same issue as of a couple days ago. Was fine before that since launch.

It happens at random times into the game and at random locations in the game.
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There is obviously yet another problem happening!!!

I am getting the same issues as all the rest. Error 3007 and 3005 (wth? not retrieving hero data?!)

I am staying online less than five minutes per session. So frustrating.
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I've never had it bad enough where I get dced multiple times in an hour, but everytime I have been dced it's always been on my end, not Blizzards. One thing you all could maybe try would be to run


to see how reliable your connections are when you're getting massively dced. Maybe your ISPs are having issues in your areas.
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This has happened to me at least five times within 3 hours of playing.
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I can't play for more than 1 minute before utterly disconnecting. This issue is completely hit or miss, in fact it will likely be FINE in about 2 hours when I have to go to sleep for work at 5am..
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