Diablo® III

The game connection has been lost;

Just had this happen on my monk, seemed to be when I was using Tempest Rush. Dropped twice as I was channeling the rush through enemies. Went to test it a third time but she was HC and had died. Prior to the first disconnect there was a large lag spike but it had settled by the time I was dropped back to the hero screen.
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Well now in Act III using WW for about 30 minutes with no issues.
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PLS HELP BUMP BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IVE Been Dcing from games every 4-5mins and I wanted to be 60 already!!!!!!!!!!
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Barbarian here, Act II nightmare:

Constant game disconnects (does not disconnect Bnet), seems to happen during WWs. Started happening 11ish this morning, took a couple hours break and still happening now.

This is getting really, really annoying!
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And still no word, no support ticket back ether on this... All my friends and I can't stay logged in.
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I have a monk. And since it went live that's about all i have, a monk on the starting page. I log in, i move ...kill 3 things. and..the infamous "your client has been disconnected from the server". No error number. I can play WOW fine, all ports pertaining to game, open..etc. Oh well, i still have my WOW.
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Wish blizzard would tell us something, this has been happening for me for around 4 hours now so annoying not even playable back to hero list every 10 min. No problems last night, I'm on hold now with tech support. I'll post if they give me a way to fix it.

ps. Don't think its a wireless router problem because my girlfriend is playing right next to me without a issue. (I do not want her getting ahead of me ahhh)
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same issue, only started happening recently. Ive noticed that at the same time i started getting more stutters in frame rate as well

edit: after reading this I tried changing my barbarian build for less attack speed, i was using frenzy and whirlwind before while dual wielding. Now im using siesmic slam and cleave with a slower 2h weapon.

Ive since seen a reduction in frame rate drops and disconnects
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Getting the same issue here to. Australia, Barb Act 2. Thing is, i had been using whirlwind for about 2 hours before it started doing this d/c. I dont think its the whirlwind, it just seem the majority of people that get d/ced are in act 2 and thats when most of us get whirlwind.

Either way it should be fixed! I shouldn't have to change my character to accommodate getting disconnected. I payed money for this and i have had nothing but troubles since i have bought it. I have a lan coming up tomorrow with a group of friends we have been planning for 6 mths and if we are going to be disconnected every 5 mins it will be pointless.
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Been playing alot today but this last 30mins constant disconnects i just got it for about my 5-6th time so not getting very far atm >_<
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Same as Slyfox
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i'm having the same problem. i can still chat with everybody but i get discconected from the game.. it started happening an hour ago..
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I can't even play this game without being kicked out of the game from disconnects. Every 2-10mins I get kicked out of the game. Rebooted my computer, Rebooted my router. Same thing. I don't think it's me but I think it's the server.
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Network Disconnect. The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server.

Just started today.
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That's been happening to me since noon yesterday (12:00 gmt) no more error numbers, always just 'The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server.' Did they already perform maintenance again? Because today it's even worse than it was yesterday and I've gone through all their trouble shooting b.s. twice.
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I stopped using Whirlwind with BLOOD FUNNEL as the rune and it seems better. Testing iwth cyclone now.
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so its only happening to barbarians?
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till this morning I hadn't have any problem with disconneting everything worked fine, but in the evening none stop disconneting same mission for about 4 hours couldn't pass.:(

disabled firewall, Norton... without any successs, lowered the graphics however, same problem over and over again.
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