Diablo® III

The game connection has been lost;

1 Troll Shaman
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Monk using Way of The Hundred Fists

Getting DC'd like mad, but only tonight, was fine yesterday.
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1 Human Rogue
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25 barb getting dced aswell , only started happening once i got whirlwind, played a while with out getting dced i think it may be the instances cause thats where it started to play up and i cant get anywhere near finishing the instance im in in 5mins , FML blizzard pick up your game
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Same problem here with my Monk...

No error message only DC from the game !
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same problem every time I play. has there been any progress on this, or should I just wait a week before trying to play?
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Same problem here! It was also happening last night. It seems to happen at peak playing time. It's 6:30PM PST
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This was happening to friend of mine last night. It was not happening to me. Now it is happening to me for the past 30 mins or so. This makes no sense at all Blizzard.
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Well here we all sit 90 clams later and an unplayable game you think that these people would have understood that there are many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of players that have waited for this game for so long. In this age of advancement you think a company that has made so much money from the gaming world would at least spent enough on the server side of the game so that everyone could play. the only thing to do now is to go back to the computer shop and buy a Diablo 3 manual , headset, mouse, and a couple of hundred clams on the rest of the crap they have put out then come back to the pc and sit here thinking ive got the game it was so worth it oh look theres a bug on my screen. enjoy the money and thanks fer nothing
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Me and my buddy were playing together in the same room. Now this is happening to me a minute after I start playing, but he's playing without any problems the whole time. We were playing together for hours before this started happening, so there's no way that it's a problem on our end. Fix your !@#$, Blizz.
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I've been having the same issue for the last 45 minutes. 5 disconnects in total so far. Can't move forward with my questline.

I am playing a Barbarian and I'm also using WW, I don't believe the issue is related to that though. Any blues wanting to help us out here? There's quite a bit of us experiencing the same problem.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posts: 44
Same issue, just started happening in the middle of act 2 nightmare, barb using WW... but it seems to be happening more often than not when i fight blue special mobs, and usually I just barely have time to pick up the loot before the D/C
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This is Bull!@#$, its happening to me as well, I play Wizard class, and im at the Spider Queen, Has happened about 20 times now and quite frankl, NOW IM PISSEDDDD!

Has blizzard addressed this issue yet?
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Happening to me as well!! >.< Wtf can some one tell me how this can be fix?!!! SOOO ANNOYING!!!
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Yeah lets start a riot
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Im Fixin to get mine, weather blizzard likes it or NOT!!!!!
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I keep getting disconnected when running through the Spider dungeon. Almost got the her, and bam DCed. Now I can't even make it close and it keeps happening.

Pissed off that it's happening, but glad to see it's not just me.
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90 Night Elf Druid
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I don't think it can be flxed by us users, it is a Blizzard server load issue or maybe a battle.net log in issue? All I know is I played for hours earlier today without ANY problems, and as soon as it got to be after 5pm here PST, so about 8pm Eastern I started getting random disconnects and eventually and error #3007...

Blizzard needs to open up more servers, or upgrade the ones they are using. I just want to play Single player anyway!!! This sucks so bad!
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90 Worgen Hunter
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it started happening to me at about 1930 cst, im in Act II on nightmare, in kulle's place
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Having serious lag, ping, rubberband and disconnect issues with my barbarian on Act 2, however I don't use WW (since quite a few people think it's purely this). In my action bar, I have;

1: Leap (Iron impact)
2: Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash)
3: Threatening Shout (no runes yet)
4: Revenge (Vengeance is Mine)

And using Cleave (Rupture) and Rend (Blood Lust).

I'm not sure it's class/skill related at all, but just an issue with the servers. It's only been happening since the maintenance shutdown/update the other night (I think, or could be just because I hit a certain point of the game/certain skill after that maintenance!).
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