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The game connection has been lost;

push this post up ppl. need blizz to stop sleeping.
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I'm playing a witch doctor and it happens to me.
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So, I stopped using WW on my Barb for that zone (Unknown Depths) and got through it just fine. No other zones have had the problem so far. I also have a Witch Doctor and have not had the problem on him, so my disconnect issue was probably caused by WW in particular.
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From everything I've read, class and location in game are irrelevant.

My issue happens to be on the Spider queen, in her dungeon. I'm playing as a monk. While other's are in a similar situation, definitely not all that post here are.

I've tried changing up attacks, and I get DCed. It also, doesn't happen (to me atleast) at a specific time or point in game. It just happens.
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Well if you're playing a Barb, using something other than WW (ex. seismic slam) fixed the issue - at least for me.

Logged on again about 1hr ago & dc'd 3x within 3 min while using ww. Switched to seismic slam and haven't had a dc since.

Sucks that it seems like WW is "THE" issue with Barbs & won't be able to use such a fun skill till it's fixed.
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in need a blue asap its been 2 days
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what really annoys me is that i rang up the tech support line on the back of the box and they went through all there bs solutions that i had already tried but when i informed them of the number of people im reading about on forums with this problem i got a response of " oh we arn't aware of that amount of people experiencing it but we are working on the problem". So i think it could be a good idea to flood their phone centers with calls complaining about this problem until it gets fixed cause i don't see much blue going on in the forum and this must be the 8th topic on this particular issue alone so instead of winging on here ring them up and let em have it cause they obviously arn't going to come find your complaints especially when you read through the forum and see how many different issues are going on!!!!
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Yes now this....this is extremely annoying clearing an area/dungeon and randomly being disconnected.

This has happened a total of 7 times this evening between 9:30 CST and now. Not to mention several times yesterday.

I'd much rather not be able to log in to the game if I'm going to sporadically disconnect and lose certain progress throughout.
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Just posting to say I have the same issue. Level 38 monk, on act 2 nightmare. I've had this problem since launch, but it seems to have gotten considerably worse this afternoon and this evening; I am getting disconnected about every 5 - 10 minutes now.
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EXACT same scenario as OP; was able to play launch day, but I've been grinding my teeth in frustration ever since.

My brother is on the same network playing the game without my problems. I've tried all the suggestions they've thrown out and nothing works.

This is very frustrating and I demand some recognition and answers.
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Same exact issue. I'm a barbarian and disconnecting every 10-15 minutes. I've spent one or two hours on the same quest repeating it over and over because I keep losing all my progression with every disconnect. Game is practically unplayable.
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same exact issue for me, all day long ive been getting disconnected every two min, blizzard needs to get their heads out of their asses and fix it.
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If you're playing a Barb not using WW won't necessarily fix anything. My Barb dc's ever 3-5 mins in Uknown Depths regardless of spells used/equipped.

As far as people saying it's based on spells, I just played through most of act 3 on my Witch Doctor with almost all aoe spells. So no, that's not the problem here.
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exactly some problem .... helpppppppppppppppppp
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pls help ... having the exact problem for these two hours .... sick with that ... !!
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I just got off the phone with my ISP, everything on my end is working fine, it is your end blizzard and given the fact that it is effecting more and more people you may want to get on this fast.
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same issue here, keep disconnecting every 10, 15 mins

Connecting from Australia to the American server. Don't think is my ISP issue as I am doing video conference at the same time, Video conference been connected for the past 2 hours without fault.
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Same problem. I paid money for this. I expect Blizzard to provide adequate server support. The game is clearly not ready for prime time yet. Maybe you should have had a public beta running longer than a weekend?
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Happening to me im a monk, i have a asus g73, happened on 3 different internets, constantly past 12 hours every random couple minutes, or during big fights or i die. etc. Rubberbanding is hardcore problem as well even when playing solo.
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Whether or not WW or any other spells is affecting the disconnections, Blizzard should have this kind of stuff covered. I bought the game so I could play how I want, not playing ways I don't enjoy playing.
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