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Blizzard. you need to take it into concerderation that not everyone is going to have a good well-being computer. I mean personally I have a computer with an Unsupported graphics card. I find it very ignorant that I can run WoW, RuneScape, Leauge of Legends, D1, D2 ALL ON HIGHEST settings, but not D3 (Diablo 3) at all. I feel that your team should try to make it so that everyone has a supported graphics card. I read that during the Beta, EVERY graphic card was pretty much well-supported. Please come out with a patch where its compatiable with older models/graphic cards/everything.

I would greatly appreciate it and I am sure so would the rest of the Diablo series fans.
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I too am having this problem. I raid DS on full graphics on multiple toons, and I can't even log into D3 because my video card isnt on their list of cards.
What it comes down to is, someone in blizzard wrote a specific set of codes that prohibit very specific cards from accessing D3.
It wouldn't be very hard to allow everyone to play. If their computer cant handle it after you allow the video cards, then so be it. But, I guarantee most everyone could play D3 at full, or near full graphics.
This is very poor customer support. If it isnt fixed by the end of this month, you've lost 2 accounts with the annual pass. Clearly, you wont care about losing 2 players, but It's going to end up with more and more people leaving.
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You guys need to realize Diablo 3 uses full extent of DirectX 9.0c and Pixel Shader 3.0, while all these older games do not.

The most important fact being Pixel Shader 3.0. World of WarCraft does not use it, which is why even older graphics cards can use it.

If your graphics card does not support Pixel Shader 3.0, it's a really ancient graphics card that wouldn't run any serious 3D games today properly, or it's an Intel graphics card prior to Sandy Bridge graphics.
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It might be far more productive to list the specifications of your unsupported cards, rather than just whining about it. If enough people are using a certain card or certain series, it might receive some attention.

Your call though... if you just want to vent you've obviously succeeded.
But if you want action... this is a fail thread.
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If you can run wow with highest settings you can play this game. I am forced onto my laptop for another week and can only manage medium setttings in wow. I can however play diablo 3 on low settings at 1080p just fine (even 4 player later acts).
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